1-New Content

Battlepass content – Season 1

  • Discover and unlock 82 cosmetics & 21 banners and titles for all the characters, representing more than 100 hours to unlock all the content.

New playable character

  • Embody Eidaa the Sellsword, the 5th Outlaw of Hood.
  • Eidaa is a skilled melee warrior, very efficient in one on one fights
  • She can evade and parry.
  • Help your teammates by restocking the gear boxes.
  • Use her tar grenade to slow your enemies and inflict damage at the same time.
  • Her ultimate ability, the Bulwark, is a magical shield which blocks every projectile and explosion. Her own team will still be able to shoot through it.

New maps for the State Heist game mode

  • Experience the PvE game mode, State Heist, in 3 new maps: Marshland, Coastal and Mountain.

Free skin set for all the characters


New winch system in Outlaw Heist

Winching phase during PvP games has a new design which aims to make the outcome of a match fairer than it used to be:

  • Each team has its own winch progression bar.
  • Win notches by completing the objectives such as stealing the key, opening the vault, and putting the chest in the winch.

Crossplay console option

  • Select the crossplay console option to play only between console players for faster matchmaking.

New aim sensitivity

  • Mouse sensitivity and gamepad axis sensitivity are adjustable.
  • New aim sensitivity multiplier settable option for gamepad and mouse.



  • General stability improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where the interaction prompt disappears unless the character moves, after quitting some menus.
  • Fixed the home spawn icon which is missing on almost all maps.
  • When Marianne has the key and uses a smoke bomb, opposing players can still see the key through the smoke.
  • Fixed a situation when Marianne uses her ability while holding the key, which still gives away her position.
  • Fixed a bug where the kill feed is not working properly when two players with the same name are in the same game.


  • Fixed an issue where Robin & Marianne’s melee strike may not chain properly should the user spam the attack button.
  • Fixed an issue where Tooke’s “Roaming Monk” applies to teammates when being a ghost and following them.


  • Fixed an issue where the defensive early exits may not be working as intended.


  • Fixed an issue where there is blood VFX displayed when Marianne uses her sprint attack in the Hideout shops.


  • Players can now correctly hear other players’ footsteps behind them.

Level Design

  • An invisible collision preventing proper movement in Docks on Graveyard has been removed.


  • Fixed a few localization issues.
Again, once the official patch notes for today’s patch is revealed, we’ll update the post.