Horizon Forbidden West Day & Night Cycle Shown Off, New Snowy Environment Revealed

Horizon Forbidden West Release Date

With less than five hours to go until the official Horizon Forbidden West State of play begins, Sony has begun airing a special countdown, which is currently showcasing Horizon Forbidden West day and night cycle.

Down below you’ll find some images that we took of the screen, showing off the different lighting that you can expect to see during the day and night cycle of Horizon Forbidden West.

[unitegallery horizonforbiddenwest]

Along with the showcase of the day and night cycle, they also revealed a new location. According to the camera prompt that showed up during the stream, this snow covered location is known as “Salt Bite”.

The Desert Tenakth village of Salt Bite rests on the shores of the acrid lake that shares its name. Birds that nest in its brackish outskirts provide much-needed food supplies for the clan’s larger southern settlements, Arrowhand and Scalding Spear.

Talk about some beautiful scenery! As with the original Horizon Zero Dawn, the sequel is looking to be one stunning title when it comes to it’s visuals. The stream still have more than four hours left, and we expect to see plenty of more of it as it goes on. This will all eventually lead up to the full gameplay reveal, which will be running on the PS5. 

We’ll keep you posted on any new scenes that pop up during the stream, till then stay tuned!

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