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Official Killzone Website “Retired” News 0

News 0 While Sony PlayStation first-party studio Guerrilla Games has struck gold with Horizon Zero Dawn, the studio was previously known more for the Killzone first-person franchise more than anything else. While Sony has kept quiet on the franchise’s future, we do have some new Killzone news to share today, though it’s not exactly something players would […]

Official PlayStation Magazine Shoots Down Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Coverage News 0

News 0 June cover of the Official PlayStation Magazine has been leaked, promising on delivering readers the latest coverage on the PlayStation 5. And as exciting as that is, it’s what was also found on the cover that had many on the internet talking, as it presumably confirmed Horizon Zero Dawn 2 coverage. However, this proved to […]

New Guerrilla Games Job Listing Implies Studio Is Working on Multiplayer, Could It Be for Killzone 5? News 2

News 2 While Guerrilla Games might be most known now as the studio that developed the critically acclaimed, and commercial blockbuster success that was Horizon Zero Dawn, the studio started out as a developer of Sony’s Killzone franchise. Given Horizon’s success, it’s safe to assume that a sequel is underway, but could the studio also be working […]

Guerrilla Games Makers of Killzone, Are Hiring Rainbow Six Siege Developers for an Untitled Project News 0

News 0 Could Guerrilla Games be making another Killzone or maybe a new project with a heavy emphasis on first-person online multiplayer? It seems the studio, which is now more famously known for Horizon: Zero Dawn than Killzone, has been hiring people away from Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege team! While former Rainbow Six Siege Game Director Simon […]

Job Ad Hints at Guerrilla Games Next Game Will Include Online Multiplayer News 0

News 0 While Guerrilla Games might be more known today as the studio that crafted Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s worth noting that the studio made a name for itself first and foremost with the hit long-running Killzone franchise. With the latest title in the franchise — Killzone: Shadow Fall — being released way back in 2013 when […]

Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn Content Crossover for Aloy Now Live – How to Unlock Everything & What It Looks Like News 0

News 0 While we already posted on Monster Hunter World crossing over once again with Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn by letting players gear up as Horizon’s protagonist, Aloy, we’ve now gone in depth with a quick guide on what to do now that the quest is live! Yes, you read that right! The Monster Hunter World […]

Horizon Zero Dawn Had “Functional” Multiplayer at One Point News 0

News 0 Horizon Zero Dawn multiplayer almost made it in, and it even worked! For those who own a PlayStation 4, chances are you’ve played one of last year’s best games in Horizon Zero Dawn. While the game is a massive, single-player experience that needs to be experienced by every gamer out there, did you know Guerrilla […]

Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 Servers Shutting Down on March 29, 2018 News 0

News 0 Do you still play Killlzone 2 or Killzone 3 multiplayer? If you plan to do it, better do it soon as the servers for both games will be shutting down in the first quarter of 2018. Guerrilla Games made the announcement today on the studio’s official website where it also confirmed that the single-player campaign […]

Controversial Killzone 2 Reveal Trailer Was Not Running In-Game, Guerrilla Games Finally Confirms News 0

News 0 Back in 2005, hype was building for the upcoming PlayStation 3, and gamers were wondering just how powerful the console would be. The sequel to the PlayStation exclusive, Killzone, was one of the most anticipated PS3 titles. To whet gamers’ appetites, Sony showed off a Killzone 2 trailer, which was apparently “running in-game.” It’s now come to light that, […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall Moves Over 2 Million Units News 16

News 16 Sony has announced that Killzone: Shadow Fall, one of PlayStation 4’s launch titles, has sold more than 2.1 million units as of January 15th, 2014. “I am thrilled that so many users have been enjoying Killzone: Shadow Fall since the launch of PS4,” stated Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS). He […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall Developers Talk About The Next Update And Top 15 Feedback Items News 12

News 12 Guerrilla Games took to their blog today to let everyone know that they are listening to their players’ feedback, and in fact have started developing some of the requested features that was received these past few weeks. The team held a live Q&A on TwitchTV, in which they addresses many concerns, including the lack of […]

Guerrilla Games Working On A New IP Outside Of Killzone News 20

News 20 Guerrilla Games, best known for their work on the highly acclaimed Killzone franchise, are busy giving Shadow Fall its final touches in prep for its PlayStation 4 release this November 15. But that hasn’t stopped staff members from already moving on to an entirely different project unrelated to the Killzone series. Eurogamer confirmed in an interview lead […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall Gamescom 2013 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer News 13

News 13 Check out some brand new Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer action from Gamescom 2013. This new multiplayer trailer from developers Guerrilla Games debuts Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer, showing you how you can create and customize your very own Warzone. Players will also be able to browse official, featured and popular Warzones to get their multiplayer fix, […]

E3 2013 – New Killzone Shadow Fall Gameplay Trailer News 16

News 16 Killzone: Shadow Fall, recently on display during Sony’s E3 2013 press conference, got some brand new gameplay footage, once showing off the power of the PlayStation 4. The setting this time around differs drastically from the original debut trailer. You’ll also catch a few new gadgets like a deployable drone that can seek out enemies […]

Killzone: Shadowfall A PlayStation 4 Launch Title, New Trailer News 28

News 28 Guerrilla games confirms that their recently revealed PlayStation 4-exclusive FPS, Killzone: Shadowfall, will be a launch title for Sony’s next-generation platform. In addition, you can also check out this brand new trailer, formally introducing the title. You can catch some extended (and unbelievably awesome) gameplay footage of Killzone: Shadowfall from yesterday’s PlayStation meeting where the […]

Killzone: Shadowfall Announced For The PlayStation 4 News 35

News 35 Sony announced during today’s PlayStation meeting that Killzone: Shadowfall will be the next FPS title in the Killzone series, coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4. Guerrilla Games will once again lead development of the new title along with the recently announced Killzone: Mercenary for the PS Vita, launching this September. Though it was rumored earlier […]

Killzone 4 a Possible Launch Window Title For The “PlayStation 4” News 44

News 44 Killzone 4 could be a launch title for the PlayStation 4, according to sources from VideoGamer. According to these sources, the unannounced title said to be in development at Guerrilla Games could possibly be revealed during the PlayStation meeting this February 20, where Sony is expected to officially announce the “PlayStation 4.” During the announcement of […]

Guerrilla Games Working On an “FPS/Action Game” News 18

News 18 Guerrilla games, known for their work on the Killzone series, have for quite some time now been confirmed to be working on a new IP. No details have been released, though a recent job listing dug up by PSLS reveals some new details related to either the new IP or a brand new Killzone. The studio houses 160 developers, […]