Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Combat Variety at TGA 2021

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay trailer

Guerrilla Games has debuted a gameplay trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, and this one manages to surprise thanks to its crafty editing showing off tons of new environments and enemies. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

Besides the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay trailer, just in case you missed it, Guerrilla Games detailed the combat in their latest post on the PlayStation Blog.

“Our changes to combat design stayed true to Aloy’s identity. First, we wanted to add additional depth to gameplay and increase the skill cap for players, through skills like melee combos and Valor Surges. Players who spend some time perfecting their combat skills will find some efficient and stylish ways to dispose of their enemies. Second, we wanted to cater to a variety of playstyles and really focus on freedom of choice. Through new weapons and outfits, which can be upgraded at a workbench, players can adapt their tactics. Finally, we wanted to design challenging enemies that encourage players to use all their abilities and skills. A whole new set of machines as well as advanced human enemies will keep players on their toes throughout the game!”

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