Hot Wheels Unleashed Update 1.010 Putts Out (Update)

Hot Wheels Unleashed Update 1.011

Developer Milestone has released the Hot Wheels Unleashed update 1.010 patch this January 14 (January 15 depending on where you are in the world), and this is the second title update for the game this week. The title update is out for both last-gen and next-gen platforms, and is a small download.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Update 1.010 Patch Notes:

Size: 270MB (PC)

Update: Per the PS4 update history:

Fixed a problem with local liveries preventing the game to start up.

Unfortunately, the patch notes for today’s title update isn’t available just yet. In case you missed it, there was a patch released yesterday which included the following changes:

January 13, which included the following changes:

Community liveries:

  1. Fixed cached liveries not correctly displayed for some users.
    Previously downloaded community liveries should now appear correctly for everyone.


  1. Improved the UI of the multiplayer main page.
    We added some information about the currently equipped vehicle and the player profile.
  2. Improved track selection logics for multiplayer races.
    In the Track Voting page, we added one slot for the community  tracks and retuned the randomization logic to increase the variety of available tracks.
  3. Fixed Rare cars showing up as Secrets in lobby.

Other UI / UX:

  1. Added prices to the DLC page.
    Now each DLC will show the price taken from its corresponding platform store.
  2. Split Screen: fixed the controller selection menu to correctly display available options.
  3. Added Player’s Profile customizations (icon, background and tag) to the leaderboards and UGC pages.
  4. Added an indicator in the HUD of point-to-point races to show the percentage of the track completed. 
  5. In track selection, added an icon to distinguish point-to-point and circuits tracks.


  1. Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements. 

PC Version only:

  1. Added support for less common resolution monitors 

In addition to that, there’s a design contest on-going right now, which sees the winning design be turned into a die-cast model for real! Read up on that here.

Once we know more about the changes for this patch, we’ll be sure to update the post.

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