How Online Gaming Can Improve Relationships

Video games have often been seen as a solitary activity, creating anti-social and even aggressive behaviour. With the swift advancement of social technologies, today’s researchers are increasingly interested in the role of these games and the social spaces they inhabit. These are new online environments where people can meet new friends and engage with old ones. Current research is beginning to show some interesting and thought-provoking findings. It is proving more accurate to say that video games are good for people. Gaming is now shown to improve emotional and psychological well-being, particularly for youngsters, and joining in as a family can build stronger and healthier relationships.

Online Gaming Makes Teens More Social

There have been many studies that have looked into the role video games play in behaviour and health outcomes for adolescents. According to a study from Pew Research Center, 52% of teens who play with peers online also play with individuals who are not their friends outside of gameplay. These sociable online games involve lots of strategies, teamwork and interaction. While playing, teens are also chatting about their lives and thoughts, so it’s simultaneously an immersive social experience. There is clear evidence to show that online gaming improves mood, reduces stress levels and increases confidence. Along with this, it produces intense feelings of connections with other players, which is excellent news for relationships and sociability.

Improve Productivity And Relationships At Work 

Statistics show that more than 35% of gamers who work play video games while at work at least once a month. At the same time, any strong company culture is known to produce a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Gamification can be used to harness this power, encourage it, and improve relationships between employees. To achieve this, you can introduce a game that will foster teamwork and motivate employees to support and reward each other for performance. The most important thing though, is that working relationships will improve and employees will be doing work willingly because the games are a fun integration.

Classic video games like Fortnite and Call of Duty are known to improve relationships, communication and problem-solving skills. Online slots, in particular, are ideal for the workplace as they can be played on mobile in short sessions. The demand for quick play games has increased due to this time factor, as most players don’t have more than 30 minutes to spare for gaming while working. Many online casinos, such as Grand Mondial which you can read about here, now offer the opportunity to play a fast but potentially rewarding game, while hanging out with co-workers.

They Can Forge Close Teamwork As A Couple 

Video games can be incredible experiences that bring couples closer together. They are complex stories that teach us about the world, morals, cultures and intricate relationships. Although they are great fun to play, research shows that they can increase levels of communication and bonding. Working together as a team means that you have a joint goal and some safe levels of friendly rivalry. Problem solving, communication and encouragement are all a focus during these gaming challenges. Most importantly, you are creating fantastic memories together, so why wait, you’ll find examples of fun games for couples here.

Games Can Help You Communicate Better

According to many researchers, playing online video games is proven to improve general communication skills. Gameplay today often creates new communication circles, outside of normal social ones, as there are a completely different set of ‘life rules’ in play. One of the main aspects is that they also open up and facilitate social interaction between people that would never have met. Gaming gives you the overall ability to gain an understanding of new and different perspectives, meaning that it can also foster non-biased opinions and communication about topics and interests that are not available elsewhere. 

Improves Family Ties And Bonds 

Studies have also investigated the close relationship between families who play video games together and the behavioural and long-term family outcomes. Results showed extremely positive outcomes, with more open communication and less aggressive behaviour. Research points to the fact that parents and children should try to play together as it has such a profound impact on adolescent development and family ties. It also means that gameplay is an encompassing point of conversation, not conflict, so this shared experience promotes high levels of well-being, bonding and learning.

A study from ResearchGate concluded families that frequently played together stayed together. It’s an important fact; if parents take an interest in their children’s online gaming and join in with teamwork-based challenges, they are already supporting each other individually and jointly as a family team.

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