How to Make Money From CS:GO

Believe it or not, Counter: Strike-Global Offensive is one of the largest FPS is out there in the market. You will easily be able to play the game to win some money. There are different ways to get paid when you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some of the best methods to make money from it had been listed below.

Compete in 1v1s to Win Cash Prize

CS:Go is one of the top-most games in regards to the one on one competition. There are several people who battle their friends in 1v1 maps for winning money. As a matter of fact, it is possible to make things specific simply by using pistols, rifles, and even AWP battles.

In case you like 1v1, you should check out Toornament, Eloplay, and FACEIT Hubs. You are going to come across several 1v1 league, competitions, and ladders. Many of them include valuable and a cash prize.

Play Tournaments with Money

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is known to be one of the largest eSports across the globe. In fact, it is the biggest one in regards to the tournament volume. According to reports, more than $62.6 million has been secured over 3549 tournaments.

Often, you will come across local LANS with cash prizes. Again, many online tournaments are known to be available on platforms such as Toornament and FACEIT. Many of them offer cash prize so that you are able to play CS:GO for winning money. All you require is some good teammates.

Sell Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skins

You will be surprised to find out that the CS:GO skins are greatly valuable. As a matter of fact, CS:GO AWP is one of the most expensive skins that have ever been sold. The price at which it was sold was $61,000. Moreover, it is pretty easy to take part in this skin market. You will be able to do it even if you are just a casual player.

There are only a handful of ways to do it. You will find the skin drops when you play the game. Thereafter, you will be able to sell it off in the market or on Purchase keys for opening the cases and just hope that you get valuable skin. Or else, you can purchase low at Steam Market and then sell it off at a high price.

If you sell it at the Steam Market, you will be able to derive some extra credit. There are some players who resort to selling sites for skins in order to make some extra cash. If the skin is a good one then it is going to make thousands. Hence, it can be said that it is a legitimate way to get paid in the game. All you have to do is sell them for greater than you actually purchased them at.

Sell the Account to Get Money

Another option is to sell that account that you have for the game on different websites. However, this method is looked down upon by the gaming community but you will be able to make a lot of money through this. The developers of CS:GO Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation will take the account quite seriously and is going to ban if they find it out.

This is not a recommended procedure. Nevertheless, if you have to go down this route, you will have to log enough playing hours for achieving a good level in CS:GO. Sell it in the third party market place and make money.

Become a YouTube Streamer of CS:GO

This is one of the biggest games in Twitch and there is enough content on YouTube that is followed by the players on a regular basis. You are not going to become a sensation overnight. However, there is no harm in developing fun content for YouTube.

There are different kinds of CS:GO content that takes off on this social media channel starting from tutorials to highlight videos. You will be able to make money if you have the time and patience for it. If you put in enough hard work to develop a following, you will be able to generate significant revenue from streaming videos.

When you have gathered a large following, you can get enough money by securing sponsorship. This simply means that you are going to be paid by the brains for mentioning or promoting the products that they sell on your video. This can be an excellent way to make money but you have to make sure that you are working with a brand that are authentic and will not sell you out.


This is actually referring to a group of player who plays independently or as a team and compete against the virtual electronic games. If you have to win money by playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on eSports, you will have to be good. For this, you will have to be dedicated, practice enough, and also be motivated. As a matter of fact, you will also have to buy the right kind of equipment in order to buy and find the team. Thereafter, enter the tournament for playing. If you are successful in making a name for yourself, you will be able to get sponsorship. This can be either with eSports franchise or in the form of brand promotion.

It is because of the influence of the team that brands have taken advantage of eSports to promote the products in return of financing.

In the case of team sponsorship, the professional owners of the eSports team are funded by independent investors or sponsors. These are like the traditional sports teams that buy and sell a player for taking part in the best leagues and tournaments.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is surely a game that you can play and make money from. Usually, the amount that you can make is largely dependent on the skills that you have to play the game. Also, you will need to keep a regular practice. Without practice, it is going to get really difficult for you.

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