Hunt Showdown Crossplay Is”Weeks” Away, Crytek Talks Upcoming Fixes

Hunt Showdown Update 1.25

Players anticipating Hunt Showdown crossplay feature won’t have to wait too long as Crytek confirmed that the update set to bring it is only weeks away.

Answering questions on a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything, Crytek’s lead designer Dennis Schwarz revealed that the team highest priority at the moment is the much anticipated cross-play feature between Xbox and PlayStation. While he didn’t supply an exact date, he did say that we shouldn’t expect cross-play to come months down the road, but rather within the coming weeks.

Crossplay between XBOX and PS4 users is being worked on right now and we want to roll this out to the console community ASAP. We are talking weeks here by the looks of it! It’s one of the most important features for us right now to support console besides optimizing the controller input lag and crash fixes.

We are working hard on the first update, which should come to consoles in the next weeks and also introduce crossplay between XBOX and PS4 players!

Crossplay between PS4 and XBOX is one of the highest priorities for us and will be released as soon as it’s ready. We are talking weeks not months here.

Along with this new’s we also have confirmation of some of the fixes and features that players can expect in the upcoming 1.3 update. Hunt; Showdown Producer confirmed in the same AMA that lobby views will be improved, crash and input-lag fixes are in the works, and some new features such as different time of day, shortcuts and more.

Update 1.3 includes an improved lobby view with more Hunter details. We will have to see how much of this addresses the issue you are referring to and then decide on the next steps.

With the next update (Update 1.3) we will add a new time of day. We plan to add also additional time(s) of day in the future which might or might not include also weather effects.

Optimization is one of the highest priorities of our ongoing development. Expect some further CPU performance optimization with the upcoming releases.

The goal is to address this (Input Lag) with the next update, but this ultimately depends on identifying the cause of the issue and then applying a fix for it. I don’t have much more details to share at this stage other than that we have a strike team looking into this.

We are going to have some shortcuts soon, and they will help certainly in terms of painful navigation with the menu. Additional quality-of-life improvements will be added as we go.

While there is no ETA when we will release it, a third map is in progress currently. More details about map #3 will be shared at a later date.

Stay tuned to our Hunt Showdown review hitting the site soon.

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