Hunt Showdown Update 1.04 Slithers Out

Hunt Showdown Update 1.53

Those playing Hunt: Showdown, you might want to start the game as you’ll be greeted by a new patch. Crytek has released Hunt Showdown update 1.04, and it’s a super small download. Clocking in at just 140MB on PS4, don’t expect any new content.

Crytek hasn’t released any official patch notes, other than the game itself stating the patch does this:

  • “This patch contains the following: *Fixed a number of game crash.”

Basically, that’s it. If you’ve yet to get the game, check out our review here, where we state “Hunt: Showdown is a very good game with a lot of neat features that can offer months of replayability to unlock everything.”

Once we get an official word from Crytek on any new gameplay changes this patch does, we’ll update the post. If you notice anything that got changed, let us know what they are down in the comments or send us an email.

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