[Updated] Incoming Modern Warfare 3 Changes – Another Nerf to FMGs, Hardcore HQ, and More

Update #2: The changes listed below are going live tonight. Bowling announced, “making some MW3 tweaks tonight (2AM). Nerf Akimbo Machine Pistols (including FMG9s) w/ reduce rate of fire. Adding Hardcore HQ and FFA.”

Update #1: Bowling explained, “There will be more Hardcore playlists coming in the next playlist update. Hardcore FFA and Hardcore HQ (dedicated playlist),” but there are no plans for Hardcore CTF at the moment.

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has revealed a few changes in the pipeline in terms of additions and fixes for Modern Warfare 3.

Earlier this week, Modern Warfare 3 users on the 360 received  patch 1.09, which will release on February 28th for PS3. The patch added in-game Clan Rank (for Clan Operations) and five new prestige levels. However, Bowling mentioned other tweaks will deploy soon. When asked his thoughts on the FMGs, and if it’s “way too strong,” Bowling agreed and promised “they’ll be receiving a nerf in a few days.” This isn’t the first nerf that the FMGs saw. Back in December, the FMGs and Type 95 were altered. Speaking of the Type 95 and other popular weapons, Bowling was questioned on Modern Warfare 3’s gun balance, specially the ACR, MP7, and Type 95. Bowling explained that these weapons, “statistically speaking,” are not the only used primaries.

On the subject of hardcore gamemodes, Robert stated that the addition of hardcore HQ is “possibly very soon.” He added, “doing some playlist changes in the next week (exact date still being determined).” This goes in line with what Robert Bowling noted recently, “let’s focus on, you know, stuff that we can just give out to everyone. That’s what I love – when I can do, like, playlist updates, and I have free reign and I’m not restricted by release dates or when it has to come out or any of that stuff, and we can just do it and it’s fun. That’s the stuff I love and that’s the stuff I want more of.” Read more on the possibility of free throwback maps.

We’ll have more on what Infinity Ward is working on later this week, so stay tuned.

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