Incoming Nexuiz Update Version 1.1 – Patch Notes

Illfonic studios have announced an incoming patch that should fix a number of issues in the recently released Nexuiz.

It was noted on the official Nexuiz forums that along with the fixes below, the team will also be working on server performance upgrades and network optimizations. A release date for the patch not yet been announced. Make sure to follow MP1st on Twitter and Facebook to be notified once it goes live.

Currently, Nexuiz is only available on the XBLA but soon to make its way to the PSN and Steam.

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  • Fix for 8 players not being able to play in an online match
  • Infinite loading screen when joining a match with no timeout. 1 person stuck in lobby:
  • Spawning without a weapon, only a reticle
  • Hard crashes during Host Migration Screen


  • Reduced network bandwidth on the Flags in CTF
  • Fixed Increased Score mutator not working correctly for clients, only the host
  • Fixed ragdolls from jittering really bad
  • Fixed issue where score bars don’t adjust when Increased Score is called
  • Fixed bug where projectiles don’t get destroyed right away after hitting a player, floating around where they hit for a second when the player dies
  • Fixed issues with Post Game points not lining up correctly with what you really earned in game
  • Fixed issue of dropped weapons not giving you ammo. This sometime would not allow you to pick up a dropped weapon, and the name of the weapon would not show on the HUD.
  • Fixed issue with Super Crylink not always telefragging other players.
  • Fixed issue with destructible items not always going away, like IllFonic Heads and Flag Defense.
  • Fixed Magic Flag not teleporting and effect not spawning on clients.
  • Fixed effects not attaching to flags at all times on clients, for Regen Flag etc.
  • Fixed bug where destructible items explode when they are already destroyed.
  • Fixed bug where Ubernuke sound only played on the host.
  • Reduced Oldschool Mutator pixilation from 25 to 15.
  • Fixed Issue where Nex Scope goes away when buttons are mashed.
  • Fixed Nex Scope zoom out sound not playing.
  • Fixed Jump Pad usage statistics not adding up when you jump from Jump Pad to Jump Pad.
  • Fixed issue with Party Play not assigning friends in your party to correct teams.
  • Fixed issue with the Lobby not showing the correct teams in the Post Match Lobby.
  • Fixed issue with Mutator Icons getting stuck visually when counting down.
  • Prevented joining / searching a game in progress after a host migration.


  • Turned on vSync to reduce screen tearing
  • Added voice support to Party Play lobby

Thanks to Alexander Gopoian aka “xRegardsx” for the tip!

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