Infernax Delivers Retro Styled RPG Action This Valentine’s Day


Berzerk Studio has a Valentine’s surprise for gamers on PC and consoles this February with the release of Infernax, a retro action adventure RPG game releasing on February 14! Check out details on the game below, which is now available for wishlisting on Steam.

Here’s the nostalgic looking 8-bit style trailer from Berzerk Studio and The Arcade Crew.

Created by the same team behind the game Just Shapes and Beats, Infernax aims to take PC and console gamers a trip down memory lane to play something that’s all about heart and adventure. Here’s the overview of the game’s plot from the press release.

Infernax’s starring knight and bachelor Alcedor returns from a brutal battle to find his home overrun by ravenous beasts from the underworld. Armed with his faithful mace and ravishing smile, Alcedor must shoulder the fate of his world as he bashes through unholy forces, earns powerful abilities and upgrades, uncovers the secrets of his land, and shapes his legacy through moral conundrums. Infernax has the hots for a classically difficult challenge, but if you can hang with rewarding battles against hell’s most eligible fiends, you’ll enjoy many sleepless nights getting acquainted with its intensely enthralling quest.

If you enjoy 8-bit stuff as much as any Castlevania fan, check out the Resident Evil Village fanmade game using Metroidvania elements called Residentvania right here.

Infernax will arrive for PC, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this February 14.

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