Infinity Ward Teases “Classic” Modern Warfare 2 Map to Arrive “Pretty Soon,” Mentions “Power in Nostalgia”

modern warfare 2 map

A “classic” Call of Duty map may arrive as a Modern Warfare 2 map “pretty soon,” according to a recent interview with Infinity Ward. The map was apparently liked by CDL players who were able to test an early version of it at Infinity Ward’s office.

Unfortunately, other than the fact that the map is “an older one,” we really don’t know much about what this map is or when it’s set to go live. Here’s the full statement on the new map by Geoffrey Smith, Multiplayer Design Director at Infinity Ward.

We’re bringing an older one back that some CDL guys, they really liked when they were at our office. We pivoted around and that’s coming pretty soon.

While the studio didn’t divulge much on the new map, Smith did share his thoughts on reintroducing older maps to modern Call of Duty titles, discussing the proper use and leverage of nostalgia.

There’s power in nostalgia of bringing those back. To be honest, there’s good, fun gameplay there. It’s kind of silly to not use into those and lean into the strengths of those maps. Kind of a broken record but it’s also this balance between brand new stuff and something that’s familiar.

Even when we do new maps, people will say ‘Oh I didn’t like this, this other map was way better.’ It feels almost like it takes some time to get used to something new. Then suddenly two years later they’re like ‘oh man, Hackney Yard was a great map,’ but during the launch of it you’re like ‘that was a piece of crap.’ You build those memories with your friends and eventually, you have these rose-tinted glasses of these maps.

Co-Design Director of Multiplayer Joseph Cecot also revealed that old maps are usually reserved for post-launch content in a new Call of Duty game, with a focus on reintroducing “something new” over simple and remastered versions of the old maps.

Make sure we’re leaning in and trying new things [at launch]. Then post-launch is when we look at bringing old maps back. We brought back Shoothouse and Shipment. But really, it’s important we’re bringing something new, we’re evolving, we’re making new content, it’s a new game, and it’s not just a bunch of remastered maps.

Smith also revealed some information regarding the last three maps planned for Modern Warfare 2 this year, which you can read more about here.

With this teased map set to arrive “pretty soon,” it’s possible for it to arrive as early as next season, so keep your eyes peeled.

Source: Dexterto

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