More Evolve Details Surface – Classes, Goliath, Wildlife, Gameplay, and More

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Intrigued by the next-gen shooter Evolve, the latest title to be revealed from the Left 4 Dead creators?

You’ll be in for a treat today, as a recent thread from the NeoGaf community has surface where one user managed to get their hands on a ton of information regarding the game from the upcoming issue of GameInformer, set to hit next month.

He revealed that Turtle Rock, the development team responsible for Evolve, have been hard at work creating this game for the past three years which is set to feature very lush and large environments filled with AI controlled wildlife. This wildlife will allegedly fall into four different categories:

  • The Sloth – Only attacks when provoked and is big as the Goliath (the name of the monster that the Hunters fight against).
  • Trap Jaws – Are weak when they are alone, but are dangerous when there’s a pack of them running around and it’s suppose to be a cross between a dog and a dinosaur.
  • Spotters – Able to emit sound if you get close to close to them, great for finding a Goliath.
  • Carnivorous Plants – Are able to devour anything that comes close to them. If a Hunter manage to get near them, they will need the help from the other Hunters to escape.

Much like the AI wildlife, the player-controlled Hunters are split into four categories; Assault, Medic, Support, Trapper.

Each come with specific weapons and abilities. But before I go on about each type of Hunter, there are a few things that all hunters share. Weapons have unlimited ammo, but are balanced by different magazine sizes and cool-down. Every hunter is equipped with a jetpack and is able to dodge by double tapping the jetpack button. Additionally, if you happen to die, you will be revived in two minutes via a drop ship and also collect loot from the special wildlife. With that out of the way, here’s what you can expect from the Hunter classes:

Markov The Assault:

  • Main focus is to deal damage and to have a personal shield.
  • Will be equipped with two guns; a long rifle for long engagements and a lighting rifle for close quarter combat. Markov will also be equipped with proximity mines.

Val The Medic:

  • Main focus is to heal and revive players.
  • Will be equipped with a Medgun capable of healing and revives, as well as a tranquilizer  capable of highligting and slowing down the monster.
  • For offensive damage, Val is able to use a sniper rifle that’s capable of doing serious damage.

Hank The Support:

  • Main focus is to improve the abilities of other classes.
  • Carries a laser cannon for calling orbital barrages, which limits the monster movements and shield projector that the others can use.

Griffin The Trapper:

  • Said to be the most advanced class.
  • Carries an Harpoon gun that’s capable of stopping the monster from moving forward. He’s also equipped with sound spikes and a submachine gun.

If for some reason none of those classes interest you, Turtle Rock has revealed that there will be more different Hunters who will have their own unique equipment. But what about that menacing monster that both the wildlife and Hunters should be on the lookout for, the Goliath?

It is said to look like a hybrid of an ape, snake and a Xenomorph. At it’s final stage (cue the “this isn’t even my final form” memes) it is said to be around 30 feet. Thankfully for both the wildlife and Hunters, the Goliath has a long way to go to get to their final form. In the beginning stages, it isn’t much of a threat, as it can only use any two of the four attacks in it’s first level (Charge Attack, Leap Attack, Rock Throw, and Fire Breath), but every time it levels up and evolves, a Goliath player can access any other attacks he or she didn’t pick initially. The Goliath is also able to perform some very basic moves such as punching, leaping over long distances, and wall climbing.

Furthermore, the only way for the Goliath to evolve is by eating the wildlife. Doing so gives it armor and when it does evolve, it will go into a cocoon state that will leave the Goliath very vulnerable. Luckily for the Hunters, they will be able to use their equipment, or the footprints left behind by the Goliath, to track it down or follow the flock of birds who will be attracted to the carcasses that the monster leaves behind. However, if the monster does manage to reach it’s final form, it receives a new objective which, upon completing it, will result in the Goliath winning the match. It can also win by eliminating the four Hunters while the Hunters win by stopping the monster.

It also appears that each match in Evolve won’t take much of your time, as GameInformer reveals that they lasted about 10 to 15 minutes at most during their play time.

Evolve will be made available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms this fall.

Sounds really interesting so far. What are your thoughts?