Latest Injustice 2 Trailer Reveals Atom

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With Raiden, the Thunder God from the Mortal Kombat franchise making it’s way to Injustice 2 very recently. It appears that the Chicago-based developer, NetherRealm Studios who’s responsible for both aforementioned titles is firing on all cylinders.

A new trailer for the DCU-based fighter has been released in which you can view above showcasing an upcoming character that will be released in the near future. Who is it you may ask? Well, according to the trailer it’s none other than Atom himself.

While his inclusion in the game isn’t very surprising even despite the fact he wasn’t officially revealed until now, NetherRealm Studios did leave a rather ‘small’ clue on the character select screen. Where one of the mysterious silhouettes for the upcoming DLC fighters was just a very small person.

Aside from Atom receiving his reveal trailer those who were patiently awaiting on Hellboy, who was announced alongside both Black Manta and Raiden, won’t have to wait much longer, as Ed Boon, the creative director for Injustice 2 and co-creator for Mortal Kombat has recently announced on Twitter that a Hellboy trailer is indeed on the way.

As Atom is undoubtedly making his way to the Injustice 2 game as apart of the Fighter Pack 3, who are the other two DCU heroes or villains would you like to see be added? Let us know in the comment section below.