Injustice 2 Legendary Gear Multiverses Now Live, First Look at Black Manta

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As we previously reported on earlier during the week, which saw NetherRealm Studios release a patch for Injustice 2 that introduced even more shaders to the DC Universe based fighter and made preparations for the Black Manta release. It seems that the Chicago-based studio responsible for the game had one more trick up their sleeve pertaining to the latest patch. 

This, of course, is none other than them quietly adding a completely new rarity into the game called “Legendary” which from the looks of things will take a long time to acquire. As the requirements to unlock these Legendary gear pieces are pretty grindy and include conditions such as sacrifice 250 epic gear pieces for that one character, win 200 matches or win a certain amount of games by finishing off your opponents with a certain move.

Despite the tedious task to unlock these new gear pieces, it seems that every character will only have one and falls under the accessory slot for them. You can check out all the requirements for the currently available Legendary gear pieces by simply clicking here.

These requirements shouldn’t come as a shock to some people, as NetherRealm Studios is pretty notorious for having some very grindy requirements in some of their games. Such as Mortal Kombat (2011), which required you to play 24 hours with every character to unlock a certain achievement.

Aside from acquiring new gear for your favorite character, NetherRealm Studios also held a new Watchtower stream today to showcase none other than Black Manta, the first character to be released for the second Fighter Pack for Injustice 2. You can check out the character in action above, or you can simply watch the stream and hear the developers talk about the upcoming character themselves.

Black Manta is set to be released September 12 for Ultimate God Pack/Fighter Pack 2 owners, for those who wish to purchase him separately can do starting September 19.

Source: Reddit, Twitch