Injustice 2 Patch 1.16 Flies Out, Here’s the Changes (Update)

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The full patch notes have been released, and can be seen below (via WB).

General Gameplay Adjustments

  • General stability and Online stability improvements
  • Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic
  • Fixed some Credits / Mother Box / Multiverse exploits involving deleting your save data
  • Manually deleting your main save data will now result in Multiverse progress being reset
  • Fixed some remaining instances of the indicator incorrectly displaying “Counter” instead of “Punish”
  • You can select available Premiere Skins in Tournament Mode
  • Setting the AI movement mode to Jump in Practice Mode will no longer sometimes cause then to do a Roll when knocked down
  • Fixed a bug which could cause some throw special camera angles to persist when interrupted
  • Fixed a bug causing several attacks with a tumble away reaction to sometimes be a hard knockdown against an airborne opponent but always allow a roll against a grounded opponent.
  • These will now always allow a roll
  • Brainiac – Towards + Medium, Light, Hard
  • Captain Cold – Medium, Light, Hard
  • Darkseid – Light, Light, Medium
  • Darkseid – Away + Light, Medium
  • Enchantress – Towards + Medium, Hard
  • Red Hood – Hard, Medium, Hard
  • Sub-Zero – Away + Medium, Hard, Hard
  • Supergirl – Away + Light, Medium, Hard
  • Dr Fate – Chaos Ankh Evade
  • Firestorm – Fusion Charge
  • These will now always be a hard knockdown
  • Aquaman – Light, Light, Medium, Hard
  • Brainiac – Light, Light, Hard
  • Cyborg – Towards + Medium, Medium
  • Firestorm – Light, Light, Hard
  • Cyborg – Sonic Arm
  • Gorilla Grodd – Psionic Push
  • Green Arrow – Stinger Meter Burn
  • Green Lantern – Battery Blast Meter Burn
  • Green Lantern – Air Battery Blast Meter Burn
  • Superman – Flying Punch Meter Burn

Stage Specific Adjustments

  • Atlantis – Fixed an issue with the Fish Tank background interactions not always instantly disappearing on a practice reset
  • Metropolis – Anchor Swing Background Interaction is now a hard knockdown on both grounded and airborne opponents


Character Specific Adjustments

  • Aquaman – Changed the reaction of Trident Scoop to flip the opponent to the opposite side
  • Aquaman – Changed the reaction of Trident Scoop Meter Burn to allow for a bigger range of follow up combos


  • Atom – Fixed a rare bug which could allow Atom to keep his Character Power move set in between rounds
  • Atom – Enchantress’ Pentacle Hex can no longer sometimes allow Atom to Air Dash without his Character Power being active
  • Atom – The visual effects from Shrink Character Power no longer sometimes linger when he loses a round to from passive damage


  • Bane – Shattering Cross (Towards + Light) has 2 less startup frames and now also knocks down grounded opponents
  • Bane – Mercenaries Elbow recovers 18 frames faster and causes 5 less frames of block stun


  • Black Adam – Activating Orbs of Seth Character Power now has 3 more frames of recovery outside of a combo
  • Black Adam – End Phase (Light, Light, Hard) recovers 10 frames faster on block and causes 10 less frames of block stun


  • Catwoman – Increased combo damage scaling on her normal attacks which allowed for follow up combos
  • Catwoman – Tom Cat (Light, Towards + Medium) has 5 less frames of block stun with less pushback and has 9 more miss recovery frames
  • Catwoman – Safe Cracker (Hard, Hard, Away + Medium) now has 16 startup frames (down from 19) and causes a splat knockdown on hit while having 14 more recovery frames on hit and 6 more recovery frames on block/miss
  • Catwoman – Kitty-Cornered (Hard, Hard, Hard) is now a high block and has 1 more frame of recovery
  • Catwoman – Tail Spin (Away + Hard) now has 26 startup frames (up from 23) and had its attack range slightly reduced


  • Cyborg – Power of the Mother Box Character Power input precision improved
  • Cyborg – Air Drone Character Power has 10 less startup frames, 20 less recovery frames, 120 duration frames (down from 200) and causes a ground bounce reaction with increased combo damage scaling
  • Cyborg – Land Drone Character Power has 5 less startup frames and 20 less recovery frames


  • Darksied – Backhand (Down + Light) causes a different reaction with 10 more cancel advantage frames on hit and has 1 less frame of recovery


  • Dr Fate – reduced the time before the end of round reaction will be when the round is won with Blood Price (Medium, Light, Light, Hard)


  • Enchantress – Pentacle Hex can now award First Hit Bonus
  • Enchantress – The gameplay message displaying the of the Curse applied by Pentacle Hex now lasts longer
  • Enchantress – Increased combo damage scaling after a fully charged unblock-able Evil Essence (Medium, Hard)
  • Enchantress – Fixed a bug preventing Pentacle Hex from doing damage during some frames of an opponent’s Block Escape, Air Escape, and Roll Escape
  • Enchantress – Xibalba Demon Attack and Demonic Sacrifice can no longer be avoided by Catwoman’s Low Evade
  • Enchantress – Out of Body Experience (Supermove) will no longer sometimes auto-correct after the into cinematic
  • Enchantress – Eclipso’s Grasp and Eclipso’s Pull Gear Abilities now have a maximum range
  • Enchantress – Fixed issue with Divinity Spell Gear Ability not generating super meter while Spell of Protection is active
  • Enchantress – The Nothing Can Hurt Me Gear Augment will no longer sometimes stop working after using Demonic Guard



  • Firestorm – Adjusted the hit region on Atomic Destruction (Away + Light, Medium)


  • Flash – Victory Pose can no longer sometimes have the camera obstructed when it happens on the left side of Metropolis Ace O’ Clubs arena


  • Gorilla Grodd – The cancel of Stampede can now also be done with Flip Stance or (Medium + Hard)
  • Gorilla Grodd – Skull Crush (Medium) now has 5 more frames of block stun with increased pushback and 7 less recovery frames
  • Gorilla Grodd – Cutthroat King (Medium, Medium) now has 16 startup frames (down from 19), 5 less frames of block stun, and recovers 4 frames faster
  • Gorilla Grodd – Animalistic (Medium, Medium, Hard) now has 17 startup frames (up from 14)
  • Gorilla Grodd – Straight Kick (Away + Medium) has 5 less frames of block stun
  • Gorilla Grodd – Mind Control now has 21 startup frames (down from 25), 9 active frames (up from 7) and is now -20 on block (down from -18)


  • Green Arrow – Up Haven Blast no longer interacts with projectile destroying attacks


  • Green Lantern – Reduced combo damage scaling on Lantern’s Might, Bowled Over and their Meter Burned versions.
  • Green Lantern – Mechanized Assault (Supermove) now hits overhead and now receives a benefit from the Gear Augment Amplified Constructs
  • Green Lantern – Overcharged Lantern now has 5 more frames of block stun with increased pushback and has reduced combo damage scaling
  • Green Lantern – Overcharged Lantern Meter Burn now has 10 more frames of block stun with increased pushback and has reduced combo damage scaling


  • Harley Quinn – Adjusted the hit region of Single Shot (Away + Medium)
  • Harley Quinn – The visual effect for the Cupcake Bomb Gear Ability now correctly goes away with a practice reset


  • Hellboy – base stats adjusted to have 100 more ability, 50 less strength, 150 more health, and 200 less defense at level 20
  • Hellboy – Adjusted the base damage of special moves to compensate for the 100 more ability stat
  • Hellboy – Reduced the meter gain from executing Devil’s Revolver & Fist of Doom
  • Hellboy – Fixed several special moves interacting strangely with the Mohlomi’s Bell Character Power


  • Poison Ivy – Snap Trap (Down + Light) has its hit region adjusted, has 2 more cancel advantage frames and recovery 2 frames faster
  • Poison Ivy – the Chompy & Bitey Bash special move now has a Meter Burn
  • Poison Ivy – Datura Hammer Meter Burn now has 3 more frames of block stun on the first 4 hits
  • Poison Ivy – Bed of Thorns now does 4 base damage in total (up from 2)
  • Poison Ivy – Bed of Thorns Meter Burn now does 6 base damage in total (up from 4)
  • Poison Ivy – Bed of Thorns and the Meter Burn now do damage to the opponent if they jump out of its area of effect


  • Raiden – Electrocute now recovers 3 frames faster on block
  • Raiden – Almighty (Towards + Light, Down + Hard) now has 5 more frames of block stun with increased pushback and 5 less recovery frames
  • Raiden – Distant Thunder (Medium, Light, Down + Hard) has 2 more active frames, 4 more frames of cancel advantage, and 2 more recovery frames
  • Raiden – Low Pulse (Down + Light) has 5 more cancel advantage frames and recover 2 frames faster
  • Raiden – Low Kick (Down + Hard) now has 10 startup frames (down from 12)
  • Raiden – Roaring Strike (Jump + Light) now has 6 startup frames (down from 7)
  • Raiden – Heavy Chop (Jump + Medium) had its repel region adjusted making it more effective as a crossup


  • Robin – Assassin Strike has a more distinct visual effect when blocked
  • Robin – Fixed an issue where Holding Back (Supermove) could sometimes have its camera obstructed when it happens on the left side of Metropolis Ace O’ Clubs arena


  • Scarecrow – Fixed issue with his Scythe Accessory having visual issues during background bounces in certain circumstances


  • Starfire – Star Dust Meter Burn startup increased by 2 frames
  • Starfire – Slightly increased forward and backward walkspeed
  • Starfire – Warlord’s Lunge (Towards + Medium) has 10 less frames of block stun, 1 less frame of cancel advantage, 5 less recovery on hit, and 10 less recovery on block/miss
  • Starfire – Bad Shlorvak (Towards + Medium, Throw/Light + Medium) now comes out on block/miss
  • Starfire – Stop Zorkmorking Clorbag (Towards + Medium, Medium) now has 11 startup frames (down from 13) and does 7 base damage (up from 5)
  • Starfire – Side Scratch (Down + Light) now has 2 more cancel advantage frames


  • Sub-Zero – Cold Encounter (Away + Light, Light, Down + Hard) now has 5 less block recovery frames with increased pushback
  • Sub-Zero – Ice Ball has 4 less startup frames
  • Sub-Zero – Ice Blade (Jump + Medium) has 1 more active frame and had its repel region adjusted making it more effective as a crossup


  • Supergirl – Walking Heat Vision Character Power now requires one bar of meter to use
  • Supergirl – Air Heat Vision Character Power Gear Ability now requires one bar of meter to use
  • Supergirl – Straight Blast and Air Straight Blast cause 5 less frames of blockstun
  • Supergirl – Air Straight Laser now causes 10 more frames of blockstun with increased pushback
  • Supergirl – Power Struggle (Light, Light, Medium) causes 5 less frames of block stun, has 5 less frames of recovery on block and 10 more frames of recovery on miss
  • Supergirl – Side Kick (Down + Light) now has 9 startup frames (up from 7) and is -3 on block (up from -4)


  • Superman – In Practice Mode, the AI can now be set to use his Legendary Character Power as a reversal or wakeup


  • Wonder Woman – Fixed a visual issue that sometimes occurred when performing Shield Toss immediately after Amelthea Bash

Original Story:

NetherRealm Studios has rolled out a new Injustice 2 patch, and it has a lot of character gameplay tweaks. While the studio has yet to post the complete Injustice 2 patch notes, we do have a general list of the changes made so far.

Thanks to Reddit user SMGxPrincess, here are the Injustice 2 changes straight from the Watchtower stream for this 800MB download.


  • Meter build nerf (does less damage & takes more* damage)


  • Buff Jump 2 better hit box, cross up J2 easier
  • Ice Blast is faster (MB also)
  • B+1, 1, D+3 Now safe on block.


  • Air Drone (Character Power) has less recovery


  • Less damage (more damage scaling)
  • Back+3 is slower and less range
  • 1, Forward*, 2 Overhead (Now negative on block)
  • Changed Catwoman’s 3, 3, B2 string so that the person doesn’t bounce into the air**

Green Lantern

  • Combo damage scaling adjusted on 3 moves (more damage) Buff
  • Lantern Bomb – Reg is safe and MB is plus on block

Gorilla Grodd

  • Easier cancels – Back, back, forward, forward or flip stance button or 2+1+3 to cancel out
  • 2,2,3 (had 3 gaps now only gap in the 3rd hit – also safe on block)
  • Mind Control faster so it actually combos
  • Back+2 is neutral now instead of plus (nerf)

Poison Ivy

  • MB Forward, down, forward 2 (Plus on block but has a gap)
  • Down+1 improved (better hit box)
  • MB vine swing been adjusted (no gap until the last hit – cleaned up)
  • Ground Vines do significantly more damage


  • Buff her walk speed (faster)
  • Buff her Forward+2 (second hit does more damage & She can now grab on block or whiff)
  • She can now do Down+1 background bounce


  • Down+1 is now 9 frames (slightly slower)
  • Walking lasers Character power now takes 1 bar of meter
  • 1,1,2 Block stun is slightly more negative
  • String Laser is no longer plus on block


  • Trident Scoop reg scoop now switches opponent Instead of pushing away (MB leads to a combo)
  • Down,Back, 1 (safe on block and easier to combo off of)

Black Adam

  • 3 more frames of recovery for character power


  • Mercenary Elbow recovers faster


  • Raiden’s D1 connects into BGB*
  • Shocker Character Power is now safe on block
  • 2,1, D+3 Push opponent away less on hit (can cancel for bigger damage)

We’re keeping an eye out for the official and complete notes, and once we have ’em, we’ll be sure to update the post. If you notice anything, feel free to post them in the comments.

Don’t forget to check out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ gameplay debut showcase that was released a few hours ago.

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