Instinction Dinosaur List, Customization, Biomes, and More Revealed

Instinction Dinosaur List

Following the reveal of Hashbane Dino-survivor game, Instinction, more details about the game has been revealed, including a full current list of dinosaurs and animations, along with details about the weapon customization and more!

The official Instinction website has finally gone live, revealing new details about this co-op Dino-survivor game along with some fresh new screenshots.

Instinction Screenshots

Instinction Dinosaur and Animal List

Note, this isn’t a final list but the current one of all the Dinosaurs and animals in the game right now. Hashbane is looking for community suggestions, so if there is a Dinosaur or animal not currently on this list, be sure to ask them on Twitter!

  • Acrocanthosaurus
  • Apatosaurus
  • Argentinosaurus
  • Carcharodontosaurus
  • Carnotaurus
  • Ceoplophysis
  • Ceolocanth/Mawsonia
  • Diabloceratops
  • Deinotherium
  • Deinonychus
  • Dinornithiformes
  • Homo Floresiensis
  • Kronosaurus
  • Mapusaurus
  • Sarchosucus
  • Smilodon
  • Spinosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Tarbosaurus
  • Temnodontosaurus
  • Thalassodromeus
  • Triceratops
  • Tyrannosaurus.


A complete list of weapons will be available at a later date, and although the team states they aren’t legally allowed to name weapons based on weapon manufacturers, they did hint that players would be able to do just that if they would like.

Multiple weapons, attachments and other advantageous pick-ups throughout the game, some may benefit you. Use your weapons and ammo wisely, this is not unlimited ammo, nor are there skint resources, your decisions will affect the likelihood of you completing your missions. Change your weapons and attachments on the fly, while in combat, you’ll make good use of bullet time during weapon changes. We aren’t just talking about customisable attachments and skins, you can rename your weapon, and your changes will reflect in-game, perhaps we aren’t legally obliged to use certain weapon manufacturers names, well you can change them if you like, so go wild! 

There is even a screenshot on their website of the Kriss Vector, giving us a sneak peak at possible the customization menu.


One of the more exciting reveals here is that there seems to be some sort of dynamic weather in the Instinction. We will learn more on that later.

Explore multiple locations, from forests to research facilities, cenotes and lakes.

These aren’t just beautiful landscapes, these are treacherous ones, we don’t expect you to survive, but you don’t have a choice, you owe it to us. Changing weather conditions, trenched terrain, gorgeous views. There are deep cavernous waters to explore, depending on what you’ve acquired you might have to hold your breath or can relax on a ventilator. P.S Never relax, you won’t be exploring for very long until you run into something scary!

Combat and Exploration

There will be dinosaurs that are “friendly,” though the team stresses that you should always be on your toe as danger is always lurking.

Not all dinosaurs need to die, aren’t they already extinct, but somehow you are here, with them.

You’ll be attacked, you’ll most likely be killed, wild beasts are not meant to be your friends, ironically some will be. For the most part, you’ll need to survive through combat and using your brain, not all beasts are foes, some may appear to be nice. Play smart, complete your objectives, perhaps consider a side mission, you’re in control, lets hope!


In addition to character customization, the team is offering a number of game options. They are looking at feedback for more suggestions.

Customization is a privilege in the game world, but developers want it as much as gamers.

It’s time consuming especially when deadlines to release a game are near, so it’s often cut from the final release, or dismissed early on. What we have gathered from the seemingly small community we garnered early on is the option for customization is important to the majority of gamers. Instinction offers character and weapon customization, beyond that we are working on customizable HUDs and colors, your control over subtitles(position, size, color and language). As with anything we do, we want your feedback on what you’d like to be customizable, for us it’s not just a first come first serve offering, it’s about the ratios!

Instinction is currently planned to release sometimes in 2022 for the PC, PS4/5, XBOX 1/S/X. There are plans to release also on the Stadia & Nintendo Switch. Check out our interview with the devs earlier this year to know more about their inspiration for the game.

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