Insurgency Developer Has ‘Next-Gen Console Ambitions,’ Current Product ‘Is Just The Beginning’

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In the latest press release issued by developer New World Interactive outlining some of the new updates coming to their tactical, team-based military shooter, Insurgency, the studio also mentioned plans that should make some console owners happy.

According to NWI Founder and Game Director Jeremy Blum, the studio indeed has “next-gen console ambitions” for Insurgency, originally launched for PC and Mac back in January 2013, though it may not appear exactly as it does now on mouse and keyboard-enabled machines.

“Although the game may be considered a ‘finished’ product, we are constantly evolving our vision and looking forward to growing in the years to come,” he said. “We have next-gen console ambitions. Whether or not we stay on the same engine, we will see, but one thing we know is that this is just the beginning.”

Unlike most typical console shooters of today, Insurgency takes an intensely unforgiving and hardcore approach to military titles with minimal HUD design (no crossairs, health indicators, ammo counters, etc.), realistic damage models, and a focus on slow-paced tactics. It might not be something that moves millions of copies amongst today’s console shooter scene crowded with games of the fast-paced, action-packed, big ‘splosions variety, but that’s not to say there isn’t an audience out there that aches for a return to classic tactical shooters like Rainbow Six.,

In the press release, Blum went on to detail some of the stats and ranking updates coming to the current version of Insurgency in the near future.

We are excited to release our stats framework today, which is now collecting data. We will soon unleash our ranking and tier systems to our community, which is something they have been requesting for quite a long time. It is currently in the final stages of testing before release,” he explained.

Creative Director Andrew Spearin added that “The addition of stats and ranking will be the first step in bolstering our support for the community over the long-term. We know how much potential we have as a competitive game and are solidifying that foundation one step at a time.”

As of this writing, Insurgency is now free to play on Steam for the duration of the weekend and is also on sale for 50% off its normal price.

It doesn’t sound like a done deal just yet, but would you like to see a shooter like Insurgency eventually come to consoles?

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