Insurgency – NWI Announces New Content Update, Full Steam Workshop Integration, and Steam Sale

Plenty of updates are are inbound for fans of New World Interactive’s hardcore military PC and Mac shooter, Insurgency.

First up, the studio is introducing a brand new content update today that offers a remastered version of the classic Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat map, Sinjar, along with a new weapon; the M14 EBR. You can see both items in action in the new gameplay trailer below.

In addition, NWI announced today that Insurgency now supports full Steam Workshop integration, meaning anxious content creators will be able to share their own game theaters, weapon skins, audio packs, and more. The new update will also introduce a number of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, including a new matchmaking system that extends to all game modes and custom maps.

Best of all, if any of the above has piqued your interest, NWI is offering any and all the chance to pick up Insurgency on Steam at a discounted price of $9.99 (33% off) until June 16. You can visit the official page here.

If you haven’t yet, we definitely recommend checking it out. You can read our favorable Insurgency review here.


Check out Insurgency’s most recent change log to see what exactly what’s new in the latest update:

New Content
  • New Map: Sinjar (Supports PVP and Coop).
  • New Weapon: M-14 Enhanced Battle Rifle.
New Features
  • Full Workshop Support (Custom game theaters, maps, weapon skins and audio packs).
  • Added end-game map vote so players get to pick which map will be next on the rotation.
  • Added “Remove All” and “Reset” buttons in Kit UI for quicker setup.
  • Players can now change bot difficulty in Cooperative through voting.
  • Added hipfire sway along with more realistic free aim recoil handling.
  • Added server-side ConVar “mp_timelimit” which allows server admins to limit the time spent on a single game. Once the time has been reached, the map will change after the round has finished.
  • Insurgent optics now work on Security weapons in Cooperative.
Gameplay Improvements
  • Certain game modes have been removed from maps if the map / game mode combination was deemed by developers and testers as being less than ideal.
  • Removed C4, RPGs and AT4s from Ambush and Infiltrate.
  • Improved consistency and scalability of AI difficulty settings.
  • AI can no longer see through bushes and other foliage (there may be a few exceptions, so if you discover an instance where they can see you through foliage, please report so we can fix).
  • Infiltrate is now reinforcement based.
  • Strike now has only 2 potential cache locations instead of 3.
  • Addressed spawn camping in Buhriz Push.
  • Players can now interrupt the bolting process to reload on bolt action weapons.
User Experience Improvements
  • Servers are no longer restricted to a certain mapcycle in order to be joined via Matchmaking. Multiplayer modes have been moved to a single Matchmaking option.
  • Players can no longer exit out of the squad selection menu before choosing their squad, thus putting them in limbo.
  • Squad menu shows you if the team you’re on is attacking or defending in attack/defend modes.
  • Added options for enabling/disabling game instructor and HQ messages in game settings.
  • Added gameplay hints for taking enemy intel, protecting your team’s VIP and blowing up caches.
  • Holographic optics now display crosshairs more realistically.
  • Added achievement for completing Revolt Coop.
  • Squad and kit selection buttons are hidden on the scoreboard when you’re a spectator.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Optimized network bandwidth usage.
  • Reduced AI quantity in Cooperative to improve client and server performance.
  • Fixed flickering between game modes when the squad menu is first opened.
  • Fixed scoreboard breaking between playing coop and PVP games.
  • Toggling ironsights will now no longer interrupt fire mode changing and cocking animations.
  • Fixed special role not showing up when you look at someone.
  • Fixed squad/team diamond overlapping with player name.
  • Fixed a bug in Ambush where the VIP would get points when killed instead of the killer.
  • Fixed voting not using the correct vote ratios.
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