Insurgency Gets a New Trailer and Discount in Steam Winter Sale

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UPDATE: Amendments made to reflect the game’s current beta/early access state. It has yet to officially release in full on any platform.

Catch the latest trailer for New World Interactive’s tactical first-person shooter, Insurgency.

The game, originally based on a popular Counter-Strike mod called Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, can currently be found on the official Steam Winter Sale at a 50% discount for $9.99 USD. After January 2, 2014, you’ll be able to pick it up for $19.99 USD.

Check out some of the new content you can look forward to with NWI’s latest update:

  • New Map: Peak (supports Skirmish, Push, Strike, SND, VIP)
  • New Weapon: AT-4
  • Updated Maps: Siege, District (now with Push support), Ministry and Heights.
  • Added new “focus” feature allowing the player to focus for a brief moment by aiming down the sights while still and holding shift (sprint).
  • Added radio cues for “Objective Captured” and “Objective Lost” instead of the current musical cues that are used for these events.
  • Added new music tracks for winning, losing and round-start (if you do not hear any of the new sounds, try snd_rebuildaudiocache) in the console.
  • New reticles for Sniper, 4x, Kobra and Eotech sights.
  • Re-implemented shell ejection.

The game also supports up to 32 players and is built on Valve’s Source Engine.

You can visit Insurgency’s official Steam page right here to learn more about the game and participate in its ongoing beta testing. Be sure to catch the brand new gameplay trailer above as well.

Are you going to be picking it up this holiday? MP1st’s Alex DiFiori, who really enjoys the beta, wrote up some of his own impressions that you can read up on right here.