Japan Now Issuing Pro Licenses to eSports Players, Here’s the First Wave of Games to Have ‘Em

There’s no denying that eSports is now a big part of gaming whether you like it or not; and now Japan has recognized how legitimate it is by starting to issue “pro licenses” to pro players starting in 2018. This is being done to bypass Japan’s strict gambling laws, so that the pros are separated from the general gaming public.

This was reported earlier today by Bloomberg reporter, Yuji Nakaumra who made the announcement on Twitter.

In case you couldn’t see the tweet, it reads:

Big e-sports news from Japan: industry to start issuing “pro licenses” to e-sports players from 2018. Goal is to bypass Japan’s strict gambling laws by separating “pros” from general public. This paves way for Japan to become e-sports powerhouse

Additionally, Twitter user HiFight also revealed the five games being issued pro licenses for and they are: Winning Eleven 2018, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Puzzle & Dragon, Monster Strike.

Given the money involved and the betting that occurs in eSports, pro licenses are a good thing, no?

Do you approve of this and should other countries follow suit? Or is this unnecessary red tape for everyone involved?

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