Jurassic World Evolution 2 Update 1.03 Out for Free Content Patch This Dec. 9

jurassic world evolution 2 update 1.03

Frontier Developments has released the Jurassic World Evolution 2 update 1.03 patch notes for December 9, and this one is for the Early Cretaceous DLC as well as a free content update! Head down below for the complete patch notes.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Update 1.03 Patch Notes:

UPDATE NOTES for Jurassic World Evolution 2 Update 1.03


Release Notes:
DLC 1 –  Early Cretaceous Pack
  • Flying Reptile
    • Dsungaripterus – Small Pterosaur
  • Land Dinosaur
    • Minmi – Ankylosaur
    • Wuerhosaurus – Stegosaur
  • Marine Reptile
    • Kronosaurus – Pliosaur
  • Added new dinosaurs and reptiles to dig sites
  • These dinosaurs will be automatically unlocked when you download the DLC
New Content Free Update 1
  • Added DFW themed buildings to Sandbox mode, including new buildings:
    • Restroom
    • Lagoon
    • Lagoon Hatchery
    • Lagoon Viewing Gallery
    • Shark Feeder
    • Hotel Large
    • Hotel Small
    • Hatchery
    • Large Power Station
    • Small Power Station
    • Viewing Platform
  • Existing DFW buildings are also added to Sandbox mode:
    • Science Centre
    • Arrival Point
    • Control Centre
    • Staff Centre
    • Response Facility
    • Paleo-Medical Facility
    • Viewing Gallery
    • Aviary
    • Aviary Hatchery
    • Aviary Viewing Gallery
    • Shelter
  • Added extra JP themed buildings to Sandbox mode:
    • Lagoon
    • Lagoon Hatchery
    • Lagoon Viewing Gallery
    • Shark Feeder
    • Aviary
    • Aviary Hatchery
    • Aviary Viewing Gallery
  • Added a ‘randomise all’ button to Amenity and Guest Attraction architecture and colour customisation
Sandbox for Jurassic World Evolution 2 Update 1.03
  • Added Sandbox versions of all 5 campaign levels (with appropriate landscape and building space tweaks)
  • Added ‘Combat Frequency’ option to Sandbox settings, letting you decide how often dinosaurs fight
  • Added flattened versions of all Sandbox levels with a building space cleared of trees etc; you can chose which one to use in the sandbox settings before starting a new map
  • Added Colour Grading options to sandbox settings; these change the colour tone of a level – you can choose from a predefined selection
  • Added level select screen in Campaign mode – once completed, you can now go back and re-play any of the campaign levels
Genome Editing
  • Updated the skin and pattern colour selection screen from a preview image to colour swatches; it’s now easier to select the skin and pattern colour combinations you wish to use
  • Added a random swatch for both pattern and skin colour in Genome Editing. You can now hatch a batch of dinosaurs, each with a random skin and/or pattern colour
  • Added animal x-ray images to genome editing screen
  • Added ‘auto paint’ option to landscaping tools (off by default); with this option on, terrain that is raised or lowered will now automatically update it’s texture to match (example, raising the terrain will create a rock texture at the top, which blends down into dirt/grass at the bottom)
  • Added perch points for flying reptiles on all placeable rocks
  • Improved visual feedback for terrain constraints
  • Added more details and info to the following buildings’ tooltips:
    • Arrival Point
    • Control Centre
    • Expedition Centre
    • Staff Centre
    • Viewing Buildings
    • Customisable Attraction
    • Monorail Station
  • Added the ability to click on individual events in the Calamity bar when using mouse and keyboard. When clicking you are taken to the calamity location on the map
  • Added extra info to path connection warning message, clarifying that players need to ensure that buildings are connected to the Arrival Point through the path network
  • Added an info panel for the transport tool which shows the selected dinosaur and options for selling or loaning, where applicable
  • Added “Fossil Storage Full” message at dig sites on the expedition maps
  • Added more information to finance overview screen
  • Added more accessibility options:
    • Added pause function for cinematics, letting you pause the game at any time
    • Added ‘signify speaker by colour’ option in settings to differentiate between speakers in subtitles
    • Added ‘Autosave Interval’ in settings, allowing you to adjust autosave frequency between 1 and 20 minutes
Balance Changes
  • Reduced the frequency of storms and periodic disease outbreaks in Chaos Theory
  • Reduced the frequency of periodic disease outbreaks in Challenge levels on easy and medium difficulty
  • Dominance changes:
    • Reduced the dominance boost from traits that don’t affect combat stats
    • Increased the dominance boost from traits that do affect combat stats
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the Aggressive trait to increase dominance more than intended
    • Reduced the increase in dominance from high infamy
    • Decreased the frequency of leadership challenges
  • Decreased the likelihood of dinosaurs fights causing injuries
  • Rebalanced the combat stats of dinosaurs that can be involved in group hunts
  • Contracts can now be requested more frequently in Challenge mode
  • Balanced selling eggs to the black market narrative event
  • Balanced economy in various challenge levels
  • Balanced Jurassic difficulty on Challenge 1
  • Balanced Triceratops comfort objective in Jurassic Park 3 Chaos Theory level (no longer auto completes)
Bug Fixes for Jurassic World Evolution 2 Update 1.03
  • Fixed issues that caused outside ambiance to play when inside an aviary dome
  • Added in various missing SFX on various animals
  • Fixed issue where selling a dinosaur/reptile straight from a Paleo Medical Facility could cause the helicopter to get stuck and lock the building
  • You are now blocked from demolishing a lagoon that contains a dead reptile until it has been removed
  • Fixed issued that caused half of a shark to vanish on a feeder when the camera is close to it
  • Gate animation can now be cancelled when opening, not just when closing
  • Fixed issues where buildings are warning that they are not powered, even when they don’t need power
  • Show time remaining whilst lagoons and aviaries are under construction
  • Fixed gaps that can be caused when placing curved sections of fences
  • Fixed missing physics on buildings that are being demolished
  • Turned off the power UI when a power substation is deactivated
  • Fixed missing confirmation dialogue box when demolishing certain buildings
  • Fixed issues where buildings with vehicles can’t be moved short distances because of collisions with the vehicles
  • Fixed a situation where Power Output and Fuel Usage information wouldn’t appear when a Backup Generator had finished construction
  • Fixed the amenity building customisation screen close button not working
  • Added better feedback when a repair task is blocked by a dinosaur
  • Show running cost of power stations on info panel
  • Fixed deactivated Paleo Medical Facility still being able to incorrectly treat dinosaurs/reptiles
  • Fixed missing ‘guest boost’ indication on attraction buildings
  • Fixed amenity building signs being reset to default when loading into a save
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed softlock that could occur when creating a save whilst airlifting dinosaurs from a hatchery
Dinosaur/Reptile Animations
  • Fixed missing animation for pre-fight between Sauropelta vs Chungkingosaurus
  • Increased animation blend times during fights to make movement smoother
  • Fixed issue that caused flying reptiles to continually play ‘eat social animations’ (which can cause them to not actually eat when they need to)
  • Adjusted flying reptiles position when drinking, so they don’t appear to sit on top of the water
  • Prevent Mosasaurus from clipping through the floor of the lagoon
  • Ensure a second animal is present before playing a social eat animation
  • Fixed various clipping issues with jump attack animations
  • Fixed cases where Dinosaurs could run on the spot
  • Fixed cases when animals could slide into various positions/spots in different situations
  • Fixed various popping/glitches on different animations
  • Fixed various alignment issues with social interactions
  • Improved the look/movement of hunt/chase pathing when prey get’s into an area the dinosaur can’t reach
  • Fixed various alignment issues when dinosaurs fight/hunt, including instances of dinosaurs teleporting
  • Fixed issue that could cause dinosaurs to turn on the spot
  • Reduced the amount of times that the Mosasaurus swims into the shark feeder support
  • Fixed various instances of dinosaurs/reptiles distorting whilst being airlifted from hatcheries
  • Fixed instances where dinosaurs would stand or lay on dead dinosaurs
  • Fixed situations that could cause flying reptiles to clip through the landscape
  • Fixed Ichthyosaur sometimes swimming above the lagoon water
  • Fixed various issues with hatchery exit animations on various dinosaurs
Dinosaur/Reptile Behaviours
  • Fixed issue that could cause a dinosaur that has recently become comfortable still attempting to breakout of their enclosure
  • Improved ragdoll movement and lessened clipping during different situations (dead, tranquilized)
  • Fixed issue where flying reptiles can end up underneath lagoons
  • Fixed issue where flying reptiles would attempt to eat from a deactivated piscivore feeder
  • Fixed issue that caused dinosaurs to eat from a corpse from the same place and clip into each other
  • Fixed situations where an animal may attempt to start a fight with another animal that’s dying
  • When attempting to tranquilise a sleeping dinosaur, they will now wake up quickly rather than play out the whole rest animation
  • Balanced amount of food that dinosaurs can provide carnivores
  • Improved flying reptiles ability to hunt goats
  • Removed the ‘Thirst’ need from marine reptiles in the genome library
  • Balanced aggressive behaviour triggering fights with marine Vs marine and flying Vs flying
  • Improved positioning of dinosaur when it’s eating prey that has moved from the position it was killed
  • Fix for Indoraptor sometimes not being able to catch goats during a hunt
  • Wild dinosaurs will now become domesticated if the player builds anything within their ‘wild’ territory
Dinosaur/Reptile Injuries & Diseases
  • Escalated diseases no longer need to be scanned again, and are monitored automatically
  • Fixed ‘Infected Wounds’ not appearing as a disease
  • Fixed wrong icon appearing above ill animals that you do have the cure for
  • Ensure scars are applied to animals in all appropriate situations, even non lethal ones
  • Balance pass on injuries received when a dinosaur attacks a fence
  • Rebalanced frequency of ‘broken wing’ and ‘swallowed object’ injuries
  • Increased the time it takes for a dead animal to discolour
  • Predators that die through a group attack now display ‘Killed by’ rather than ‘Hunted by’
  • Previously seen ailments will now reveal themselves immediately, without the need for a medical scan
Dinosaur/Reptile Models
  • Fixed texture stretching around the Carcharodontosaurus leg
  • Enabled snow/dust settling on dead dinosaurs
  • Pteranodon 1997 skin can now be unlocked correctly (to unlock, play Chaos Theory: The Lost World. If you’ve already finished this level, just load your last save and it should unlock)
  • Removed quills from Velociraptor 2001B skin
  • Fixed the Suchomimus always having visible lift straps when released
  • The Deluxe Edition species are now available by default in Sandbox Mode
  • Lowered guest comfort needs
  • Added notification when income tax becomes deductible
  • Fixed situation that could cause the player not be able to start incubating a marine reptile, even though they have enough money
  • Moved the Hanson Formation dig site, which contains the Cryolophosaurus, further up the map so that it’s accessible
  • Expedition helicopter now leaves when performing a live capture
  • Fixed issue that could cause the fish from lagoon fish feeders to swim outside of the lagoon itself
  • Fixed meat vanishing early from dinosaurs mouth whilst eating
  • Fixed cacti blocking navigation of vehicles and dinosaurs, stopping dinosaurs from detecting wetland
Game Settings
  • Ensured that camera shake is actually turned off, if selected, when placing rocks in sandbox mode. Setting has also been moved to the Accessibility section
Game Modes
  • Ensured that storms are actually frequent, if the player selects the ‘Frequent Storms’ sandbox setting
  • Fixed various contracts that could be given out in Challenge that can’t be completed due to restrictions on the level
  • Removed ‘Increase Genome’ contract from sandbox mode, as players can’t increase a genome in that mode
  • Various contracts that can’t be completed in Chaos Theory mode won’t be offered to the player
  • Fixed rounding issue in the first Campaign level that could cause the ‘ensure Stegosaurus are at 90% comfort’ not to be completed, when the Stegosaurus comfort is at 90%
  • Stopped highlighting buildings that don’t need to be demolished as part of an early objective in the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Chaos Theory level
  • Fixed edge case where a player can create a save game just after a failure state, meaning the player can not continue
  • The dinosaurs roaming around Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Chaos Theory level no longer count as ‘terrorising’
  • Fixed various flow issues on Campaign levels that could cause objectives to be incompletable
  • Fixed timer in Challenge Mode
  • Fixed Wild dinosaurs in Washington State Campaign level wandering up to main facility area, which could cause objectives to not complete
Genome Editing
  • You should now get better feedback when certain gene modifications need to be unlocked in other areas of the game, not through research
  • Variants and patterns unlocked by completing Challenge levels no longer also require a tech tree node to be researched
  • Balanced the rate and way in which guests refill a park after it’s closed and opened
  • Guests now react at photo points during the Jurassic Tour
JW Database
  • Fixed various data inconsistencies and typos
  • Stopped terrain being modified underneath buildings that are being demolished
  • Fixed issue that could cause terrain tool to not work correctly when flattening/raising terrain around lagoons
  • Fixed various truncated text
  • Fixed various typos
  • Adjusted language/terminology consistency
  • Adjusted subtitles to match VO
  • Fixed various missing localisations
Narrative Events
  • Removed ‘Theft Sabotage’ events in favour of other, better sabotage ones
  • Added details of the scientist involved in applicable narrative events
  • Optimised territory system
Park Teams
  • Prevented players being able to erroneously lock on to marine and flying reptiles, when direct controlling ACU helicopter
  • Fixed ranger team vehicle being launched into the air when driving over a dead goat
  • Ensured the ‘danger to vehicle’ icon is shown in the appropriate places
  • Added extra visual trails to darts fired from the park team to give better aiming feedback to the player
  • Fixed issue where the helicopter could clip through the landscape
  • Fixed missing animations on Park Team member when switching between equipment
  • Fixed Ranger Teams needing to be re-assigned to a drone task after being disabled after a storm
  • Ranger Team vehicles now produce tire tracks when going in reverse
  • Fixed Response Facility sometimes showing access to 3 vehicles, when it actually has 2
  • Fixed controller inputs sometimes being blocked after being forced into direct control
  • Ensured destroyed MVUs are added to the calamity bar
  • Ensured that renamed Ranger Posts also appear on the Rangers UI
  • Drone rotors now spin when in use
  • Added shortcut to buy new vehicle from selecting a destroyed one
  • Fixed issue causing drones in lagoons and aviaries to sometimes become stuck
  • Fixed sometimes not be able to replace a destroyed ranger vehicle
  • Added prompt to tell player how to switch targets when locked on to a dinosaur
  • Stopped transport helicopters falling to the ground when loading into a save where they’re transporting an animal
  • Blocked park team vehicles from being directly driven into aviaries as they will not be able to navigate out on their own
  • Ranger vehicles that crash into the lagoon will now sink and the vehicle will respawn outside
Park Tours/Transport
  • Added extra info to tell the player how to fix a tour that has suffered an emergency shut down
  • Dead goats on tour tracks despawn more quickly, and don’t allow dinosaurs to sleep on tracks either (to lessen the amount of times tours get stuck)
  • Fixed issue where monorail track piece would move towards the camera as player pans down
  • Fixed flickering issue when trying to place a path junction across a tour path
  • Fixed incorrect ‘Ranger Team’ text when taking a picture that features the Mobile Veterinary Unit
  • Fixed visual artefact that could appearing along the top of water whilst a dinosaur is drinking
  • Updated Campaign 2 Colour Grading
  • Applying more skill to a task that is needed no longer incorrectly counts as applying a trait
  • Fixed ‘show unavailable staff’ off the bottom of the assign screen when player has large number of scientists
  • Fixed images of scientists not appearing straight away when perform research tasks
  • Fixed issue that could cause salaries of applicants to be too low
  • Fixed various bio inconsistencies
  • Players can assign scientists to tasks if they have the a trait that makes the task cheaper so they can afford it
  • Ensure all vehicles are appropriately affected by storms
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Ticket Sales’ UI was incorrectly stating that Adventure guests desired the Gyrosphere Tour attraction, when they actually want the Jurassic Tour attraction
  • Fixed issue that caused a mis-match of progress between the genome grid and details panel
  • Added missing button prompt on the Paleo Medical Facility when a healed dinosaur/reptile needs transporting back to an enclosure
  • Fixed empty ‘Standing By’ icon
  • Disabled the Paleo Medical Facility ‘Transport’ button when there are no available helicopters to carry out the task
  • Improved visuals when a fossil is selected to be extracted
  • Fixed size of the ranger team icon in assign task mode
  • Fixed issue where the incubation timer could loop infinitely
  • Made various UI panel options cycle round
  • When the task log is open, the d-pad can select items in the log, not the build menu
  • Fixed some building icons in the build menu not matching the in game model
  • Fixed issue that stopped players being able to use the left thumbstick to select options when resupplying response team
  • The “Clear Extraction Slots” button will no longer display when fossils are being extracted
  • Added missing ‘Scientist Limit’ data to egg incubation screen
  • Delivery tool tip when selling animal confirmation is open is now hidden
  • Updated loading animation
  • Improved cases where icons and lines on the map view shake whilst the player moves around it
  • Fixed issue that sometimes stopped the ‘synthesis’ button from working on the hatchery screen
  • Ensure the live capture event is focused on when the map is opened
  • Fixed ESC key not working correctly if the mouse is over the in game HUD
  • Fixed negative amenity profit sometimes still showing as blue, and not red
  • Fixed hatcheries displaying total number of species available, rather than just ones that can be released through the specific one
  • Track junctions should now appear on the map view
  • Fixed various missing or broken icons in different research screens
  • Fixed the star rating and finance buttons on the HUD becoming unresponsive
  • Always show the Cosmetic stat in the Dinosaur Appeal tab on the info window
  • Ensured the pause menu can still be accessed whilst the game time is paused and the pause wheel is still open
  • General pass on UI focus consistency
  • Fixed not being able to use a controller thumbstick to change number of vehicles on a gyrosphere tour
  • Added particle effects when flying reptiles break out of aviaries
  • Fixed light still emitting from a flare that has been removed

That’s about it for the Jurassic World Evolution 2 Update 1.03 patch notes.

Source: Steam

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