Killer Instinct – Chief Thunder Is The New Free Fighter, Rage Quitters To Be Addressed In Next Update

Keeping true to their promise, Double Helix is replacing Killer Instinct’s free playable character yet again.

As of today, Chief Thunder, the tomahawk-wielding Native American, replaces Sabrewulf as the playable character in the free-to-play version of the game.

Those unfamiliar with a character can check out the combo video below to see what the Chief is capable of:

[youtube id=”5WGkWTrOxM4″]

Additionally, Double Helix announced during a Play XBLA stream that, with the next update for Killer Instinct, they will finally be addressing rage quitters.

Keep your eyes peeled on MP1st later on for more information regarding the upcoming character, Spinal.

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