Killer Instinct – New Spinal Trailer Teases First Look at Fulgore

The long awaited trailer for Killer Instinct‘s upcoming downloadable character, Spinal, is now live.

Much like the Orchid trailer that teased a short glimpse of Spinal, this one also gives fans their first peek of the classic KI character, Fulgore. He is set to be the last character available for Season 1 of Killer Instinct. Check him out at the end of the trailer above!

Those who have purchased the Ultra edition of Killer Instinct can expect to download and play as the skeletal warrior starting tomorrow. However, thanks to IGN, you can check out what Spinal is capable of alongside his alternate colors and costumes.

Lastly, check out the new Spinal-related Xbox One Achivements below, courtesy of XboxAchievements.

Killer Instinct Xbox One Spinal Achievements

Spinal Novice – 20 
Reach 30 Fight Titles with Spinal
Battle-worn Spinal – 10 
Win 20 ranked matches with Spinal
Stylish Spinal 10   
Purchase a skin for Spinal
Supreme Spinal – 10 
Earn a supreme Victory in an online match as Spinal
Spinal’s Endurance – 10 
Defeat 10 opponents in one Survival as Spinal
Spinal’s Matchups – 15 
Defeat 6 different characters in online matches as Spinal
Spinal Chosen One – 10 
Complete 200 matches as Spinal
Sparring Spinal – 
Win a versus match as Spinal
Friendly Spinal – 10 
Win an exhibition match vs a friend as Spinal
Survival Spinal – 
Win a survival match as Spinal
Spinal Master – 10 
Reach 150 Fight Titles with Spinal
Spinal Apprentice – 20 
Reach 80 Fight Titles with Spinal
Competitive Spinal – 
Win a Ranked Match as Spinal
Spinal’s Searing Skull – 10 
Curse an opponent with Spinal’s Searing Skill while in Instinct Mode
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