Killzone Shadow Fall Gets Two Free DLC Multiplayer Maps Today

Free stuff is always a good thing, and that’s exactly what Killzone Shadow Fall fans have to look forward to today.

Developer Guerrilla Games is delivering a set of two brand new maps to Shadow Fall’s multiplayer that players will be able to download for free. Say hello to The Terminal and Stormgacht.

The Terminal is part defense facility, part prison complex situated on the New Helghan side of No Man’s Land. Developers intend to test players’ navigational skills and awareness with its complex layout and moving trains. Stormgacht, on the other hand, offers a mix of cover-based and open space combat along with shifting gameplay and level hazards to watch out for.

Check out a map overview and screens for each new location below. You can also get a few more details over on Guerrilla Games’ official blog post. Both maps will be available in Europe tomorrow.

The Terminal

[youtube id=”wnibtLbWt1c”]

14710183754_8c28d2ecc6_z 14525897790_7c2d4ba50b_z

The Stormgracht

[youtube id=”NvCt6R2uamw”]

14732437223_72393c6b32_z 14525920198_6f60e82098_z

Had a chance to get some game time on any of the new maps yet? What are your thoughts so far?

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