Killzone: Shadow Fall – Gorgeous Ultra High Bitrate Multiplayer Footage Released

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We knew Killzone: Shadow Fall would be an absolute beauty running on Sony’s PlayStation 4, but given that much of the footage that has been released has been “altered” to fit the requirements of streaming websites such as YouTube, we have never truly seen how the game actually runs. That is until today, when Guerrilla Games have released a very short, uncompressed video, showcasing exactly how the game will look like on home sets.

Due to YouTube and other streaming services compressing videos from their original format, we recommend downloading the footage from or from here if the official website isn’t loading. That way, you can see the game running at a full 1080P with 60 frames-per-second. The file weights roughly 600MB, so for those who aren’t willing to download it, you can watch the Youtube version below, which has been compressed to meet Youtube requirements (30FPS).

Important note: Please use a video player with hardware acceleration when viewing the footage. We recommend Windows Media Player for Windows users and QuickTime Player for Mac users. Do not use a non-accelerated player (such as VLC Media Player) because the framerate and resolution of this movie are simply too high and will likely cause choppy playback.

Absolutely stunning. Killzone: Shadow Fall launches the 15th of November, exclusively to the PlayStation 4. Be on the look out for our review some time after launch.