Killzone: Shadow Fall – 24-Player TDM Warzone Now Available, Clan System Integration, FFA and More May Return

By popular demand, Killzone: Shadow Fall has been updated VIA server-side and now officially supports 24 players in an official Team Death Match Warzone. Though this is certainly a joy, Gurrrilla Games has also stated that other features are being looked into and may return if demand is high enough.

In addition to this, they have also responded to multiple tweets, saying that if there is a high enough demand for features they will add them. They already stated that a clan system is currently being integrated along with looking into the issue of the text being too small. Among other things the studio will most likely implement later along the lines are the return of Assassination, voice chat (in-game), and even the infiltrator class. Free-for-all Deathmatch is also being looked into, and if the demand is high enough, players can expect this to return too.

South Paw controls are also being looked into

Though they are sending in feedback to the main dev team, players shouldn’t expect split-screen to happen for the highly popular game mode from Killzone 3, Operations, to make a return to the game. But who knows? We may be surprised later along the line.

Our Shadow Fall Multiplayer review is currently being worked on, so be on the look out for that in the coming weeks.

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