King of Fighters 15 Getting Crossplay, New Season Confirmed; Samurai Shodown Rollback Netcode Set for Spring 2023

King of Fighters 15 Crossplay

At today’s Evo 2022 event, SNK held a panel that talked about the company’s most recent fighting game — King of Fighters 15 –as well as Samurai Shodown. While there’s no new trailer released for KOF15 (that’s scheduled for Sunday), there are a few tidbits of info announced.

For King of Fighters 15, SNK has confirmed that the Awakened Orochi Team is set to be released next week on August 8! Not only that, but the roll out for the premium DLC will also introduce King of Fighters 15 crossplay!


SNK has also announced Team Pass 2, which will come with DLC Team 4! The full announcement is incoming this Sunday, but KOF15 fans can rest easy and know that a new season is underway.

Aside from King of Fighters 15, SNK also talked about Samurai Shodown, and how the game is getting a rollback netcode update in Spring 2023! Check out the update info regarding that in the screenshot from the event:


  • Teaming up with Code Mystics to update Samurai Shodown with rollback netcode.
  • Based on the existing KOF XV solution using GGPO.
  • Update is planned for Spring 2023.
  • Coming to WIndows (Steam and EGS), PlayStation 4, Xbox ONe, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

It looks like Evo 2022 has more announcements on the way thanks to the PlayStation-hosted Evo Lounge. You can check the full Evo 2022 schedule right here.

Stay tuned here on MP1st as we’ll have more juicy news from Evo hitting the site!

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