Evolve – Sci-fi Multiplayer Shooter From Left 4 Dead Creators Announced [Updated: New Box Art]

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It was revealed today that the creators behind the Left 4 Dead series, and co-developers of the Counter-Strike series, Turtle Rock Studios, are working on a next-gen shooter called “Evolved”.


Featured in next month’s issue of GameInformer, Evolve is a four-player multiplayer shooter that pits players against a single Alien. Rather than going with the traditional Left 4 Dead approach where hoards of enemy AI swarm you and your teammates, they have opted for just one enemy this time around. It sounds a bit risky, to be honest, but according to GameInformer, the Alien is said to be controlled by a fifth player to add a competitive side to it. The Alien character will continue to increase not only in size, but also in strength and other attributes.

GameInformer stated in their February Preview, “the result is a novel mix of cooperative and competitive multiplayer elements that’s unlike anything we’ve played before. Our exclusive hands-on time with the game’s four-versus-one hunt mode left us with plenty to be excited about, and you can get all the details in this month’s issue.”


Additionally, the other player-controlled characters are known as “Hunters”. There are different classes, which are to be announced, all of them having their own unique weapons and skill sets. If you want to get the full details, be sure to check out next month’s issue of GameInformer. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any details for the upcoming title.

The game will release on PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 this Fall.


Check out Evolve’s box art for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.