The Last Of Us Abandoned Map Pack Launch Trailer and Patch 1.05 Notes

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With the arrival of The Last of Us‘ first piece downloadable multiplayer content on the PlayStation Store, the guys and gals over at Naughty Dog have put together an intense launch trailer, and have also detailed the contents of the game’s latest patch.

The Abandoned Territories Map Pack brings you four new multiplayer maps; Bookstore, Suburbs, Bus Depot, and Hometown. Users with a Season Pass will get their hands on the maps at no extra cost. Others can pick it up for $9.99 USD. Check out the new launch trailer!

Abandoned Territories Map Pack

In addition to the new content, Naughty Dog has also patched up the multiplayer game in a few significant ways. To tell you all about the changes and tweaks are Naughty Dog’s Erin Daly and Quentin Cobb:

The Last of Us Patch 1.05

It’s nice to see developers support a game that could have easily fallen off the radar with such a limited player base. Are you still jamming to The Last of Us’ multiplayer?