The Last of Us Upcoming Patch 1.03 Introduces New Game Mode, Tweaks, And Balancing

The Last of Us is set to receive its biggest update yet with Update 1.03.

In it, players can expect many tweaks to gameplay along with animation fixes, but the biggest addition in this update is the free game mode called “Interrogation”.

If you remembered in my review, I stressed about how the game only had two types of Mode, both of which were basically team-death matches. With Interrogation, players are tasked with downing and interrogating enemies all to get information about their safe location. The mode is meant to be more tactical and team-based than the other modes considering that there is now a defensible objective to protect. We’ll let the video below further detail whats exactly included in this patch.

[youtube id=”2Cjynj_cRUQ” width=”618″ height=”378″]

What do you guys think?

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