Latest Call of Duty: Ghosts Title Update Improves Operations Functionality and Fixes Bugs

Over the past two days, a number of you may have noticed a prompt to download a small patch upon booting up Call of Duty: Ghosts on either the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC.

On the official Call of Duty Forums, Community Coordinator at Infinity Ward Candice Capen has updated a thread with official patch notes, so we now know what exactly the latest update accomplished. Check out the rather short list of patch notes below:

All Platforms

  • Improved operations functionality.
  • UI Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with splitscreen players rank.
  • Fixed a rare crash with specific private match settings.

Still being the launch week of the game, we expect a number of incoming patches throughout the following weeks or months as developers Infinity Ward catch more bugs and fine tune gameplay balance, so be sure to keep your sights on MP1st to stay up to date!

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