Latest COD Warzone Ban Wave Hits Over 50,000 Accounts

Latest COD Warzone Ban Wave

Tired of cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone? Yeah, you’re not the only one. Raven Software is trying to make the experience better, as the studio announced the latest COD Warzone ban wave, and it’s at over 50,000 accounts!

This announcement was made today, where the studio mentioned they are targeting repeat offenders and more!

Has been a while since our last anti-cheat update!

Two #Warzone ban waves this week. Over 50,000 accounts banned combined. 🚫

Targeting repeat offenders, and much more.

Can’t say I feel sorry for these cheats if and when they get banned.

Of course, Raven Software has their work cut out for them, as cheat-making companies are now even offering “free trial weekends.” Yeah, just in case you don’t feel you’re cheating enough, go try it out first to see how fun it is to ruin the game for everyone!

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