Latest CS:GO Update Overhauls a Classic Map, Adds New CZ75-Auto Weapon Tweaks, and More

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘s latest update, Valve is introducing an overhauled and upgraded version of the the classic, fan-favorite map, Train.

According to a recent blog post, the map was “rebuilt the map from the ground up in order to improve both the visual appearance and competitive gameplay balance of this iconic location.” The remake includes “intuitive layout changes” and re-interpreted “large and small-scale environment elements to improve judgement of space and distance”.

A ton of details on all the different sections of the new version were outlined in the blog post that you can read right here. You can also watch a brief introduction to the new map above. The new Train is now available in Competitive Matchmaking and other game modes as a part of the Operation Vanguard update.

In addition to the latest update, a number of tweaks were also made to the CZ75-Auto as well as a few other gameplay elements. You can read up on the entire change log below for specifics:

CS:GO December 10 Update


  • CZ75-Auto adjustments
    • Magazine size has been reduced to 8 and reserve ammo is now 16 (3 mags total).
    • Damage has been reduced slightly.
    • Firing rate has been reduced slightly
    • The CZ75-Auto takes nearly twice as long to draw, and has an updated draw animation.
    • Kill reward is now 1/3.
    • Updated the weapon description.
  • Increased price of M4A1-S to $3100
  • Reduced price of Desert Eagle to $700
  • Updated the Tec-9 firing sound.
  • Fixed M4A1-S muzzle flash showing through smoke.
  • Fixed not being able to defuse the bomb in some cases where it was planted on a ledge and the player attempting to defuse was standing next to it on the ground (e.g. the fountain in Cobblestone).
  • Fixed a case on community servers where a player would get income after the first round when they should not.


  • Team equipment value now correctly accounts for cost of CZ75-Auto and for two flashbangs.
  • “Assists” on teammate kills no longer get counted in scoreboard.
  • Added some new holiday freeze-cam borders and the holiday cheer has been re-enabled – Happy holidays!


  • Gifts have been re-enabled.
  • Released a new set of stickers (available now as offers), and put some music kits on sale.
  • Fixed a few localization errors
  • Fixed a typo in the game mode descriptions.
  • Fixed several exploits in the engine.
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