Latest Forza 4 Update Breaks the Game, but Here’s a Workaround

forza horizon 4

After a 7GB large update on Forza Horizon 4, some users are now unable to start the game on their Xbox series consoles, with some experiencing an immediate shut-off of their system.

A Reddit user posted their unfortunate experience, with many responding to the same game-breaking bug. Not everyone, however, has issues with the game after an update — most especially those using Series X consoles. Meanwhile, a couple of Reddit users found a helpful, albeit temporary, solution.

One user writes that setting your Xbox to offline before launching the game will work, as turning it back to online while the game is open will prevent it from crashing. This solution will not work completely for those on Game Pass, as the same user experienced other internal bugs.

How to Fix Forza 4 Auto Shutdown:

Another listed a step-by-step workaround that may work for some:

1 – Disable instant sign on (Settings > Account > Sign-in, security & passkey > Instant sign-in)
2 – Restart Xbox
3 – Upon restart, skip sign in
4 – Start game
5 – Manually sign back into your account on the main menu
6 – Continue game
7 – Search and successfully join a session when prompted

While not everyone is experiencing the same issues, those who found themselves with the issue may have to wait for a permanent repair from the developers themselves.

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2 years ago

Wow. Microsoft breaking perfectly fine and operational software. Where I’ve seen that before? Oh, right, the last 35 years. Never change, M$.

Danny Pearson
Danny Pearson
2 years ago

I like how you used a horizon 3 picture for this little article

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