Latest Killer Instinct Patch Reportedly Causing Issues, New Classic Skins For Glacius and Sabrewulf Available

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Killer Instinct’s 1.3 GB patch is reportedly causing headaches for a number of players.

As reported on Double Helix’s forums, a handful of Killer Instinct players are being mistakenly sent to ‘jail’, a punishment originally meant for “rage quitters”, due to their opponent disconnecting from a match.

For those who are unfamiliar with the  recent jail feature, it punishes player who quit out of a match early by making them play against other quitters for the next 24 hours. Those players’ Gamertags are then highlighted with jail bars, indicating their status.

Furthermore, it’s also being reported that with the launch of the recent update, players are experiencing de-syncs and console freezes during ranked matches. Unfortunately, experiencing either of those issues will send you to jail, according to reports.

At the moment, Double Helix is currently looking into the issue, says Killer Instinct producer, Michael Willette.

All issues aside, Killer Instinct players can now also look forward to using the classic alternate costumes and accessories for both Glacius and Sabrewulf. Check out the new items below:

Lastly, Killer Instinct players should know that the free-to-play character has been switched to Orchid until this Saturday. So if you’ve yet to fork out any cash for the game but want to try out a new character, be sure to hop on before then.

Have you been affected by this unfortunate bug since the latest patch?