Latest Smite Patch Now Live, Buffs Fenrir and More

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Even though it’s only Monday, those who play Smite on PC can have something to look forward to today, as the next time you boot up the free-to-play MOBA, you should be greeted with a new update to the game.

The Smite patch (4.22) include the nightmare mode for the Shadow Over Hercopolis adventure, new skins and of course, god and item balancing. Those who are interested in taking a peek at the new skins to be released with the patch can do so by viewing them below:

4.22 skins

If your looking to buy these skins, it should be noted that both Agni’s and Scylla’s skins are only available through the Child’s Play chest, while Serqet’s Kunoichi skin, Druidstone Geb and Oni Musha Haichiman are set to be made available for a limited time as their apart of this year’s Odyssey skin.

For more details on this patch including god and item balancing, such as the Titan’s Bane item being nerfed to combat hunters being able to shred tanks. As well as including some buffs to Fenrir such as his howl not consuming any Runes, feel free to read our previous coverage of this patch here.

Source: Twitter