Latest Xbox Update for May 2021 (10.0.19041.7771) Includes Quick Resume Improvements & More

Latest Xbox Update for May 2021

Microsoft has rolled out the latest Xbox update for May 2021, and gamers will see it as version 10.0.19041.7771! This brings a host of new features into the Xbox Series X and Xbox One family of consoles. Obviously, quick resume and some features are exclusive to the Xbox Series X, so don’t expect the changes for those to be included for the Xbox One firmware update.

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Latest Xbox Update for May 2021 (10.0.19041.7771)  Patch Notes:

Quick Resume improvements
We’ve improved the reliability and speed of Quick Resume, and added a new group that organizes your Quick Resume games in one place.

Passthrough audio
The addition of passthrough audio gives your media apps the best possible listening experience with your external sound system.

Approve multiplayer games by title
Now you can approve multiplayer games for your kids by specific title – directly from the console or with the Xbox Family Settings app on iOS and Android.

Xbox Game Pass trailers
Hover over any game in the Xbox Game Pass app library and watch the trailer come to life – no clicks needed.

New dynamic background
We’re offering another customizable dynamic background called “Motes”. You can find it in Settings > General > Personalization > My background > Dynamic background.

Xbox app updates
We’ve added a new push notification to the Xbox app that lets you know when your favorite friends go online, and updated achievements game pages to add game stats, including time played.

Xbox One SmartGlass app for PC

The Xbox One SmartGlass app for PC will be removed from the Windows Store starting this June. Use the Xbox app for Windows 10 PCs to find new games with Xbox Game Pass, see what your friends are playing, and chat across PC, mobile, and Xbox consoles.

That’s abou it. Once we get wind of a new firmware update for the console, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Xbox Support

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