Microsoft Leaked Internal Review Calls The Last of Us 2 “Significantly Ahead” of Anything on Console & PC

microsoft the last of us 2

While The Last of Us 2 fared very well critically among critics (like us), it looks like even Sony’s main rival, Microsoft, reviewed the game as well, and thought highly of it, too.

In an internal Microsoft document called as ‘Executive Portfolio Update’ (which was made public due to the Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit), Microsoft’s internal review of The Last of Us 2 called it “significantly ahead of anything available on consoles and PC.
Here’s an excerpt from the review:

The visual quality and attention to detail in The Last of Us Part II is absolutely best-in-class in basically every area, and the overall presentation is significantly ahead of anything that other teams have been producing on console and PC.

We were frequently stunned by the quality of the game’s visuals, something that sadly seldom happens these days. It’s even more impressive considering that the game feature two separate player characters with different groups of allies, in different locations, along with flashback sequences taking place years before. It features a shockingly wide variety of environments, weather, and day cycles in locations ranging from Wyoming to California.

Mind, companies reviewing their competitors’ products is nothing new. Still, it’s nice to see Microsoft acknowledging the game’s excellent quality.

In other The Last of Us 2, the game has garnered over 200 Game of the Year awards to date, which is an amazing feat.

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39 thoughts on “Microsoft Leaked Internal Review Calls The Last of Us 2 “Significantly Ahead” of Anything on Console & PC

  1. Wow, the company which has never genuinely produced a single thing of remote creativity, and simply bought every franchise it owns, says that this pozzed pile of garbage is “ahead of anything else”. I guess we know that it’s actually underwhelming then.

    One thing you don’t want for your product, is praise from one of the most cancerous companies in history, in M$. Sony should sue for damages.

    1. Well, we all know how crappy your taste is when you believe in a console war. How pathetic.

        1. You’re telling me you believe in console wars AND you’re a pathetic loser who cries about a guy being president that one time? I figured chubby losers like you would have liked the cheap insulin.

  2. I wouldn’t say Microsoft is acknowledging the game’s quality. That statement is a little misleading. You cannot compete if you cannot be honest with your own staff and administration concerning a competitor’s products. This is simply an honest assessment of what MS is facing in the game space. This isn’t something they meant to see the light of day. Its one thing for Phil Spencer to say congratulations to Sony on the launch of some big game. Its another thing to publicly discuss the other team’s products in the manner we find in this internal document. If they were truly acknowledging the quality they would have published this to the general public last year. This is more like an internal admission of fact that was forced into the public eye.

      1. Never Played this game so i wont judge but i enjoy Gears on Xbox not all the game are un enjoyable.
        Halo is great to,play what you enjpoy

  3. In what? The game is terrible. What technical stuff it does well is all superficial to the gameplay. Which is horrid.

    Not shocked Sony had to pad the meta critic reviews with no end of non game reviewers coming in to slap a 10/10 on the tranny.

    1. I see your misinformed… you play as no tranny

      But hypocritically you sure do in MS “Tell Me Why”

      U failed… just like in 2020

  4. It scares me that they’re more enthralled by 8K trash textures and not actual gameplay.

    1. Poor MS, they neither know how to make good looking games nor ones with good gameplay. Which Is why you have about 15 halo games and 8 forza games, and a extremely tiny user base compared to Sony. This gen won’t be any different, they bought glitchthesda for billions 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 the company with the worst quality games in existence, I hear they still have games released over 10 years ago that are still broken and unfixable, so sad

      1. Microsoft makes pretty lame games but they’ve been dunking on Sony for years in the gameplay department. You cannot compare the styles when I can literally hold the left stick forward for a cumulative HOUR on practically every Sony exclusive while I listen to meandering dialogue.

        You don’t have a problem with any particular console. You just don’t have taste or a clue as to what you’re talking about.

      1. You haven’t played a good game if you think TLOU2 is good. Its a glorified walking simulator for HOURS of its run time. Pointless collectibles too. It’s a template, one you can’t even see you’re so deluded.

    1. Here you go….. tlou2 has the best most intensely realistic gameplay ever made in a video game, ever. The AI in that game is unmatched, everything about that game is 10/10. Now go back to playing Minecraft or whatever trash you’re used to playing.

      1. You mean the animations you believe to look as realistic.

        A. They’re not. You play as a 90lb girl. You clearly struggle with reality on this one.

        B. In terms of actual engagements? No. Nothing about it is realistic. It’s just like every other TPS, cover based, pseudo stealth walking simulator.

        Games with hours worth of cutscenes are distracting you from a bad game. Haven’t once in my life played a game good enough to warrant sitting down and doing the exact opposite of what I came to do. Biggest reason I turned Quantum Break off. We’re not here to watch TV, junior.

    2. You never hear anyone talk about it or the first game. Just pathetic defenses of it because they have no gameplay to stand on that isn’t dated or derivative of something else.

    3. I game for 40 years and TLOU2 is by FAR the best playing third person game I’ve ever played. It’s in another league in terms of AI and dynamic fights.

      1. Christ. No fixing this level of idiocy.

        40 years? PS4 was probably your first console, baby boy.

          1. No, it wasn’t. If it was, you have far too many good years of games and actual CONTEXT for, for you to be fooled by what AAA has turned into over the last 10 years. You have zero idea what you’re talking about. You and everyone else like you CLAIMS it’s a good game without stating a single objective reason as to why. Literally everyone who disagrees with you is a hater, a racist, a bigot, child, grandpa, every name in the book to avoid the underlying issue.

            TLOU2 does nothing that hasn’t been done before. It does nothing better. You’re distracted by a coat of polish that fails when you walk off the rails. You’re distracted by a plot so bad it couldn’t be a movie.

            1. You don’t even own a Playstation or Nintendo, you don’t know shit about good games.

            2. My Switch was the only console I turned on last week. But OK. New Monster Hunter is great. I wouldn’t need to turn my PS4 on as it has nothing I can’t currently play on my PC. Don’t own a PS5 or a Series X. Don’t need to. They won’t have games for another year or two. Not to mention simultaneous PC releases for Xbox. Sony is catching on to that too.

              For a fanboy you sure don’t understand the software business very well. Not surprising.

  5. I’ve been gaming on PC and all other platforms for 4 decades and they are 100% correct.

  6. Naughty Dog makes amazing looking games, but the way they treated Joel turned me off from ever playing the sequel.

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