LawBreakers Free Weekend Gets a Trailer, These Are “The Weapons Available to You”

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LawBreakers will be free to play this weekend on Steam. You’ll be able to download and start playing from 10 a.m. PT on September 28. The free-to-play trial will last until October 2.

Interested to know the weapons available to you this weekend? Find the video below:

In life, fortune favors the prepared mind. In LawBreakers, victory favors the prepared player. The first step of being prepared is knowing the weapons available to you. To help, we enlisted a seasoned member of the Law to walk you through weaponry and approach.

Watch, understand your strategies, and then this weekend, jump on Steam to take place in the Free Weekend, where any player can download and compete in Fast Moving, High Mobility, Zero G action.

LawBreakers has recently gained a new patch aiming to “increase the average lifespans across the board,” and some of those all important bug fixes.

Will you be trying out LawBreakers this weekend? Let us know how you get on below!

Source: LawBreakers (Official YouTube)