LawBreakers PS4 Version Suffers Terrible Stutters, Patch Coming Today

Pre-ordering or buying games on day one is always a risky business, as eager LawBreakers players have learned. Those on PlayStation 4 are experiencing a terrible stutter that regularly halts gameplay for a third of a second. The problem occurs during public matches, but isn’t present in custom games, meaning it’s likely a network problem.

The folks over at Eurogamer have looked closely at the issue, measuring stutters on PlayStation 4 Pro that max out at 316ms. 

The issue is profound enough that you don’t need frame-rate analysis tools to notice the problem, but for the record we’ve measured in-game stutter on PlayStation 4 Pro maxing out at 316ms – pretty much one third of a second.

It’s also worth noting that in our case, the issue manifests randomly at any point – not just when joining/leaving a match or changing roles, as Boss Key suggests (unless of course, such an action from another player triggers the problem).

Thankfully, Boss Key was immediately made aware of the problem, and has been working on a patch. According to this tweet from the developer, the patch has passed Sony QA, and will be available to download by 6:30am PDT/3:30pm CEST.

Did you buy LawBreakers on PS4? Experienced any issues?

If you’ve not yet experienced the game, perhaps this launch trailer will make you intrigued!

Source: Eurogamer

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