Leaked Images Of New Operators In Rainbow Six Siege’s Upcoming Black Ice DLC

Leaked images from Rainbow Six Siege‘s upcoming Black Ice DLC reveal two new operators hailing from the Canadian JTF-2 counter-terrorist unit and offer a first look at their new abilities and weapons.

According an “insider,” Black Ice’s new map takes place on a yacht stuck in icy waters, which clearly fits the theme of this multiplayer expansion. Allegedly, there’s also a new start screen:


Nothing has officially been announced by Ubisoft Montreal as of this writing, but, for now, you’ll find what we’ve got so far in terms of leaked images below.

We can speculate that Frost’s Mechanical Bear Trap won’t be detected by IQ’s scanner, nor will it be affected by Thatcher’s EMP grenades. Meanwhile, Buck’s under-barrel shotgun will likely make quick work of wooden doors and easily shred sections of wall into deadly kill-holes. Have a look and tell us what you think in the comments!

Officially, Rainbow Six Siege: Black Ice launches in February with the two new operators available first for Season Pass owners on the 2nd.






Source: Reddit

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