Learn About Battlefield Hardline’s New Elimination-Style Multiplayer Mode, ‘Crosshair’

Visceral Games is turning up the heat with ‘Crosshair’, an intense new multiplayer mode coming to their cops vs. criminals shooter, Battlefield Hardline, this March.

Crosshair shrinks the battlefield down to to a 5 vs. 5, 3-minute-long match with only one life to live in a standard elimination-type game mode, forgoing the series’ focus on vehicular warfare and spacious maps. However, separating Crosshair from similar modes in other shooters you might be familiar with is an additional 6th player that acts as a VIP whom cops must protect at all costs.

Carrying only a sidearm, the VIP can contribute to the cops’ range of firepower, but the catch is that the criminals need only to take out the VIP in order to win the match. With that in mind, anyone controlling the odd-man-out should remain cautious but also be aware that he or she can lead their escorts to heavy weapon stashes offering LMGs and other explosives.

The 3-minute timer aims to keep camping to a minimum and to ensure that matches are fast-paced.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we learn more about Battlefield Hardline’s multiplayer maps and game modes. Hardline hits the streets on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 17.

Thanks, IGN

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