Legacy Call of Duty Games Matchmaking Fixed on Xbox 360; Old COD Games Shoot to “Top Paid” Games on Xbox Store

legacy call of duty matchmaking

If you missed the classic Call of Duty games and still have an Xbox 360 lying around, you’re in luck! It seems the legacy Call of Duty matchmaking issues affecting a number of games has been corrected! This seems to benefit World at War, Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 2, and Modern Warfare 3.

Multiple posts on the Call of Duty subreddit has confirmed this and what’s more, some are even saying that the DLC map playlists are now populated too!

Friendly PSA: There’s even [MW2] dlc lobbies now
by u/s0larrr_ in CallOfDuty

Players are saying that while Call of Duty: World at War isn’t as easy to find matches, the original Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 are very, very fast.

by u/Licensed_Ignorance from discussion [COD] So I’ve heard some positives about the servers now? I’m incredibly excited!!
in CallOfDuty

by u/aid3n0 from discussion [COD] So I’ve heard some positives about the servers now? I’m incredibly excited!!
in CallOfDuty

Check out how fast matchmaking is in Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 (it fills up in just a few seconds):

Important to note, while matchmaking for these games is working as intended, there are still cheaters and hackers who can snag your IP. Hopefully, that’s all sorted out too.

What made Activision fix the servers? Well, if recent info from reliable Call of Duty content creators are to be believed, it’s Microsoft who fixed the COD matchmaking issues and not Activision! Reliable Call of Duty insider CharlieIntel states that it was Microsoft who fixed the matchmaking issues since Activision couldn’t.

Another reliable source of Call of Duty info, Modern Warzone, also commented that from what they’ve heard, it was Microsoft who fixed the matchmaking problems.

With the news that the old games are once again working on the Xbox 360, it seems this has made the old Call of Duty titles popular again! So popular that four classic Call of Duty games are now part of the “top paid” list on the Xbox store!

That is one insane domino effect, no? This show how massive the Call of Duty franchise is, and how much fans are longing for the classic feel of Call of Duty multiplayer. Of course, some (or most) might be playing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S given the games do work on the newer consoles.

With claims that Microsoft is the one behind the matchmaking fixes, could this be one step by Microsoft to bring the classic games to Game Pass? I mean, they certainly couldn’t do that if they didn’t find a way for gamers to connect to matches, right? And dont’t forget, while there’s no stopping Microsoft from buying Activision after its decisive win against the FTC, the buyout isn’t official and its deadline has even been extended to October of this year.

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2 months ago

Where’s the PS3 fix microsoft? What happened to that “parity” you promised?

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