LEGO 2K Drive Update 1.08 for July 7 Brings Improvements and More

LEGO 2K Drive Update 1.08

Visual Concepts has released LEGO 2K Drive update 1.08 (PS5 version 1.008) that brings a multitude of improvements and bug fixes. Read on for the LEGO 2K Drive patch notes for July 7 below.

LEGO 2K Drive Update 1.08 Patch Notes | LEGO 2K Drive Update 1.008 Patch Notes | LEGO 2K Drive July 7 Patch Notes:


Drive Pass

  • 100 levels of drive pass with No Time Limits
  • Added numerous new Minifigures, vehicles, flairs, and more to the game
  • Added additional in-game content for players

Garage Improvements

  • New Surplus System
  • Complete a set of instructions without skipping a step to unlock a new brick to add to your inventory!
  • You can now customize brake lights & headlights on vehicles
  • You can now place Minifigures like a standard brick
  • Improved Garage UX

Unkie’s Emporium Additions

  • Numerous improvements, fixes, and new arrivals


UI Improvements

  • Added more stats information to the pause menu

Extensive Race Enhancements and Tuning

  • Improvements to power-ups, AI drivers, online races, and vehicle handling
  • Additional variety in mid-race chatter for Rivals

Matchmaking Improvements

  • Improved matchmaking for Cup Series
  • Improved cross-play
  • Improved network connection and handling
  • Improved acceptance invites from outside of the game

VFX/SFX Enhancements


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “Wrong Way” prompts when a destroyed vehicle passes a checkpoint
  • Fixed progression loss bugs
  • Fixed issues with currencies updating properly
  • Fixed issues with account linking
  • Fixed Brickbux amount not accurate in map
  • Minigame AI fixes
  • Addressed areas where players could escape the map
  • Removed locations where players could get stuck
  • Improved collision
  • Save file corruption during network disconnects
  • Fixed client side issues of missing Brickbux
  • Fixed incorrect Brickbux redemption
  • Fixed rare cases of progression being blocked
  • Numerous garage bugs fixed such as instructions, brick placement, stickers, and wheel issues
  • Fixed VO for numerous voice lines
  • Fixed missing Images for bugged previews

Stability Fixes

  • Improved memory usage and performance
  • Eliminated many crashes and hangs in the game
  • Eliminated numerous split-screen issues
  • Several garage crashes fixed

Source: Steam

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2 months ago

I hope they fixed the bug that won’t let players purchase vehicles from the garage. I encountered the bug, i pressed the button to confirm the purchase but it wouldn’t complete the transaction. All i can do is cancel and exit the garage.

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