Madden 22 Update 2.02 Patch Notes; Brings Gameplay Changes This Nov. 4

Madden 22 Update 2.07

EA Tiburon has released the Madden 22 update 2.02 patch this November 4, and this brings a number of gameplay-related changes, and more to the game. Check out the complete patch notes below (note that the title update is out for last-gen and next-gen platforms). If you want to see the next-gen exclusive changes, head on over here.

Madden 22 Update 2.02 Patch Notes:

Madden NFL 22 (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Stadia)

Key Highlights:

  • Updated Las Vegas Raiders head coach likeness
  • User-controlled Delay Fades removed

Gameplay Updates: 

  • Removed the user-controlled ability to release the Tight End on the Delay Fade hot route.
    • DEV NOTEYou will still be able to hot route your Tight End to a Delay Fade but you will no longer have control over when the Tight End releases. You’ll now see the Tight End on the Delay Fade pass set, fake the block, and then release into the route after a short duration of time.
  • Fixed an issue in The Yard where the AI-controlled QB would constantly get sacked whenever there was a Spy Pass Rusher on defense
  • Tuned the AI play calling in the Yard so they would be more aggressive and try to get the ball down the field more to make it a more exciting and competitive experience

Franchise Updates: 

  • Fixed an issue where Coaches were shown as being hired by multiple teams in the Staff Moves screen
  • Fixed a rare issue where an infinite load would trigger after playing a Franchise game
  • Fixed a rare crash issue when re-entering the staff screen after simulating to the next season
  • Fixed an issue in Scouting where Free Agent scouts were already assigned to a region
  • Fixed the “Never Reach 4th Down” goal that was being awarded incorrectly
  • Fixed a Weekly Strategy bug where occasionally teams were ranked #33 in a specific stat
  • Updated a pregame stat banner to show the correct team stats during the season

You can read our review of Madden 22 right here to see if it’s worth a buy.

Source: EA

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Jhin W
2 years ago

Did they fix the franchise substitution bug wherein my top 3 receivers are replaced by my MLB and OT3 and OT4l? I can’t moderate my league til this is fixed #Quicksilvercoach

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