Marvel’s Avengers Captain America Will Be Able to Wall Run, Here’s How It Works

marvel's avengers
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If you thought wallrunning is just a skill reserved for the likes of Nathan Drake, the Prince of Persia and the like, well, it seems the Avengers’ leader, Captain America will be able to do it too in Marvel’s Avengers.

Over on a Reddit thread about the game, Lead Combat Designer Vince Napoli confirmed that Captain America will be able to wall run! What’s more, he even explained how it works when a fan asked whether it’s more Prince of Persoa or Titanfall.

Captain’s wall run is a set distance, but being able to chain them together by jumping back and forth, double jumping, pole swinging, etc. makes it really friendly. A well timed double jump off a wall run can also be used to re-trigger the wall run.. his navigation is really flexible and active. He basically has lots of little maneuvers that let him hop around the environment and manipulate the space more than any other character.

And yeah his combat/ability style is very acrobatic. When he’s dodging/evading, the movements are very concise, quick and economical, but his combat abilities are very different . We wanted to make it feel like his acrobatic prowess is where he derives a lot of his strength and power from in combat. For example, him being able to do a running b-twist jump and shield toss is what helps make that throw so powerful, or being able to throw his entire body, literally, into a kick, but then catch himself and follow up with leg sweeps.. etc. Honestly, i think it really is his combination of equal parts agility + strength that give his combat style a unique feel.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

You can check out the latest trailer for the game where it gives us a game overview, right here.

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