Marvel’s Avengers Double XP & Resources Kicks Off, Marketplace Update Listed for March 24

Marvel's Avengers Update 1.63

While players are waiting for Marvel’s Avengers next patch, Crystal Dynamics has something for the gamers this week in the form of more XP and resources! The Marvel’s Avengers double XP and resources start today, March 24, and will run until March 31! In addition to that, we have the Marketplace update for this week listed as well.

Marvel’s Avengers Double XP & Resources for March 24 and Marketplace Update:

Double XP and Resources weekend? Nope—double XP and Resources WEEK! From 3/24 – 3/31, earn twice the XP and Resources to quickly level your Heroes and upgrade your gear!

It’s the 50% off sale! Head on over to the Marketplace to check out the offerings from now to 4/7!

Also getting hit by 50% discounts are Hero Challenge Cards! Both Activations and Skips will be half off!


Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man’s Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War Outfit shows Peter adventuring through space, in the Marketplace featured for a second week for PlayStation players!

Don’t forget, the patch planned for this week has been delayed, and there’s no specific release date yet. You can check details on that right here.

While Crystal Dynamics has made significant progress with Marvel’s Avengers, we have a feature up that explains why Square Enix, Marvel’s Avengers publisher, should stay away from live service games.

Source: Avengers Square Enix

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