Marvel’s Avengers Game Hulk Build Guide – Worldbreaker Hulk

Marvel's Avengers Update 1.12 October 16

While Marvel’s Avengers has just been out for a few days now, some people have already managed to craft some amazing builds already. Those looking for endgame builds, we’re here to help with our Marvel’s Avengers game Hulk build guide!

Thanks to YouTuber Laajune, this is what he refers to as the Worldbreaker Hulk buid, and we agree. You do a lot of damage, heal instantly and have loads of defense. You can check out screenshots of the gear and the skills used for this build below.

Marvel’s Avengers Game Hulk Build Guide – Worldbreaker Hulk:

At a glance stats:


This shows each gear and what the buffs are for each along with the stats associated with each. If you need help understanding the stats, head on over to our terminology guide for the game.

[unitegallery AvengersHulkWordlbreaker]


Note: It’s assumed that you’ve hit level 50 and have all skills and moves unlocked. If not, level up and unlock everything for the character first in terms of Primary, Specialty and Mastery moves.



Play Style:

  • This is one of the most straightforward builds and play styles you can use in the game, as you rely on the Boneshaker Heroic and your other skills to generate Regen Pack and Heroic Orbs, which means you’ll be able to continue dealing damage while recovering health non-stop.
  • As you can see, the Mastery and Specialty picks are those that amp damage up, and that’s basically it. Do damage, use your Heroics, collect Regen Packs and Heroic Orbs, rinse and repeat, You’ll gain massive stat increases while doing these and your damage should be enough to rock even the toughest enemies the game throws at you.
  • You can use this skill, Mastery and Speciality build even with low level gear and it’ll do the same (minus the insane attack damage you’ll dish out with the right gear, of course). You’ll instantly demolish all foes like the actual Hulk!

You can watch the full 21-minute video here that shows gameplay.

We’ll have more hero-specific guides hitting the site soon. If you have a build you want featured here on MP1st, send us an email.

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